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About 'World of Shipping Portugal'
WofSPortugal Historical Background
In 2011, the maritime industry was experiencing a significant gap in accessible resources and centralised knowledge hubs focused on maritime economics. Recognising this void, the website was created with the primary goal of addressing this deficiency. It started as a comprehensive platform offering maritime reading resources, information about relevant organisations, and industry-specific content to benefit industry players, academic scientists, researchers, scholars, students, and stakeholders.
This mission was encapsulated on its front page with the declaration: ‘Delivering Knowledge, Training, and Translation Services in Maritime Economics’. For many years, the website maintained this focus, steadily adding new resources and expanding its repository of information. However, by 2018, a series of professional changes prompted the need for a more robust identity to support and sustain the website’s growth. Transitioning to a new domain was not an option due to the risk of losing the established audience and disrupting the continuity of universities worldwide using the site as a resource for their students.
Thus, the brand name ‘World of Shipping Portugal’ was conceived. While challenging due to Portugal’s diminished maritime role since the mid-1980s, this name symbolised a commitment to rejuvenate and highlight the maritime sector under a unified, recognisable identity. Since March 2018, ‘World of Shipping Portugal’ has been dedicated to preserving and enhancing the website’s mission. The website underwent a significant redesign to incorporate the work done by its founder and owner research alongside its existing resources database. This transformation was further accelerated during the COVID-19 pandemic, necessitating a broader resource database scope.
The pandemic underscored the critical need for accessible, reliable information and training in maritime education, leading to an expanded database of its Resources that now includes:   
Training Resources: Comprehensive information related to Training.
Research Resources: Information supporting Maritime Research.
Reading Resources: An extensive collection of information on Books, Journals, Magazines, Newspapers, and other Publications pertinent to the maritime sector.
Relevant Organisations in Shipping: A directory of key organisations influencing maritime transport.
Maritime Organisations: Listings of organisations dedicated to various aspects of the maritime industry.
The pandemic, while challenging, also elevated the brand’s recognition on international platforms like LinkedIn. This increased visibility brought to light several areas previously overlooked, prompting a strategic realignment of the ‘World of Shipping Portugal’ initiative. This evolution culminated in establishing the ‘World of Shipping Portugal Academy’ (WofSPortugal Academy). The Academy reflects a deep-seated passion for teaching and provides a unique opportunity to foster knowledge exchange between industry professionals and academic players.
WofSPortugal Mission and Vision
Our vision is to witness a better maritime industry and actively shape it, day by day, through relentless dedication and forward-thinking initiatives.
A visionary commitment to continuous improvement and innovation drives World of Shipping Portugal's purpose in the maritime industry. Its mission is to cultivate a new generation of creative thinkers and strategic leaders who will drive the shipping industry's evolutionary path, push boundaries, challenge the status quo, and embrace innovative solutions that propel the industry towards a brighter, more sustainable future.
At the heart of World of Shipping Portugal are our unwavering values. We are steadfast in our commitment to honesty, ensuring transparency and truth underpin every action we take. Integrity guides our decisions, fostering trust and respect within the global maritime community. Excellence is our standard, pushing us to exceed expectations and deliver unparalleled quality in everything we do. Finally, we champion equality of opportunities, believing that diverse perspectives and inclusive practices are essential for true progress and innovation.
World of Shipping Portugal is not just an organisation but a movement dedicated to transforming the maritime industry through visionary leadership, innovative thinking, and steadfast adherence to our core values. Join us in shaping the future of shipping, one transformative step at a time.
WofSPortugal Academy
The WofSPortugal Academy is a beacon of excellence in maritime education, setting a new standard for professional training in the shipping industry. As the dedicated training arm of the ‘World of Shipping Portugal’ initiative, the Academy’s mission is to disseminate essential maritime knowledge, equipping industry professionals with the skills and expertise necessary to navigate the complex waters of global shipping.
Launched in May 2023, WofSPortugal Academy stands out for its commitment to quality over quantity. The Academy’s meticulously curated program offers Master Classes and Short Courses that delve into critical areas such as Distribution Channels, Logistics and Supply Chain, and Maritime Economics. Each MasterClass is designed with precision, targeting specific topics to deliver unique competencies. These classes perfectly blend theoretical foundations and practical insights, empowering participants to solve real-world problems and enhance their professional performance.
The Short Courses, broader in scope, aim to provide a comprehensive understanding of interrelated topics within the maritime industry. These courses combine theoretical concepts with practical work and industry examples, ensuring participants gain a well-rounded perspective. MasterClasses and Short Courses are offered in English both online and in class. They are accessible to a diverse audience, fostering a rich learning experience and providing a flexible learning environment that caters to the needs of busy professionals worldwide.
A cornerstone of the WofSPortugal Academy’s success is its partnership with Speakwell, which teaches English terminology specific to logistics and supply chain, nautical and maritime business, seaports, and oil and gas activities. This collaboration ensures that participants not only gain industry-specific knowledge but also master the language needed to thrive in a global context.
The Academy’s use of the Moodle platform exemplifies its commitment to providing a state-of-the-art learning experience. This robust online learning environment supports interactive and engaging coursework, facilitating effective knowledge transfer. Furthermore, the Academy highly emphasises the selection of Guest Speakers. These experts bring a wealth of experience and insight, enriching the learning experience and ensuring that participants receive cutting-edge knowledge and practical advice.
What truly sets the WofSPortugal Academy apart is its unwavering dedication to empowering professionals. The training programs are meticulously designed to develop the necessary competencies for making informed and strategic decisions that drive business success. This focus on competency-based training is vital in an industry where the stakes are high and the margin for error is minimal. By fostering a well-informed and skilled workforce, the Academy contributes to the overall success and competitiveness of the business community it serves. Participants leave the Academy with enhanced knowledge and skills and the confidence to lead and innovate within their organisations.
The Maritime House Blog
'The Maritime House Blog' is the new kid in town. The ‘Maritime House Blog’ aims to build bridges between Academia and Industry and is a different channel for sharing knowledge. It is a reading meeting point for Leading Academic Scientists, Researchers, Research Scholars, and Industry Practitioners working in the most diverse public and private organisations worldwide to publish their texts addressing relevant topics within maritime economics. A set of rules were implemented for the Blog to earn its credibility.
Information about this Website Terms of Use is found here.
World of Shipping Portugal welcomes You to discover the amazing world of the Shipping Industry!
Take care, Stay safe, Be well!
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18 June 2024
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