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About 'World of Shipping Portugal'
The lack of resource hubs in maritime economics was notorious in 2011 when the website was created. Its purpose was to fill in that gap. For this reason, it initially covered maritime reading resources, relevant organisations to the maritime industry and maritime industry organisations to benefit industry players, leading academic scientists, researchers, research scholars, students, and all interested stakeholders. This explains why its front page states, ‘Delivering Knowledge, Training and Translation Services in Maritime Economics’. For many years, it stood like that, adding several resources occasionally.
In 2018, in the sequence of professional changes, I decided to create a brand to sustain the website. Looking for another website domain was out of the question. Through the years, I realised that some universities worldwide were using the information provided therein as resources for their students. Changing the website structure is always complicated as we lose track of the existing bookmarks; therefore, the purpose was to cause the minimum negative impact on its audience.
The option was to find a brand name that suited the existing domain. This is how the brand name ‘World of Shipping Portugal’ emerged. The name is undoubtedly challenging, mainly to work abroad from a country that lost its maritime traditions a long time ago and whose measures in 1985 only contributed to minimising the industry's role in Portugal and in the world. Still, it is under this brand name that, since March 2018, I have been working as a freelancer.
The website was redesigned to accommodate research events, an academic journal and training, and the existing resources database. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the resources database increased its scope, much at the expense of a study on ‘Maritime Education and Training during COVID-19 Pandemic: An Assessment’. Currently, it includes 1) Training Resources (training-related information); 2) Research Resources (research-related information and maritime information and data); 3) Reading Resources (namely, books, journals, magazines and newspapers, and other publications); 4) Relevant Organisations in Maritime Transport; and finally, 5) Maritime Organisations.
However, the COVID-19 pandemic, while allowing the brand name to be recognised internationally in social media, namely LinkedIn, also drew attention to some aspects not considered initially. Subject to these aspects, the focus of the ‘World of Shipping Portugal’ initiative was readjusted thus leading to establishing the 'World of Shipping Portugal Academy', often referred to as WofSPortugal Academy; my passion for teaching has always been there, and this came up as an opportunity to learn and share knowledge among industry and academia players.
The WofSPortugal Academy is the training arm of the ‘World of Shipping Portugal’ initiative to disseminate maritime knowledge. Its programme covers Master Classes and Short Courses in Distribution Channels, Logistics and Supply Chain, and Maritime Economics. The Master Classes are designed to target a specific topic, deliver unique competencies to highlight the business's theoretical and practical aspects and offer participants the opportunity to solve their companies’ problems and improve their professional performance; they are delivered online and in English. The Short Courses are broader in scope. They are designed to offer background knowledge on a specific subject, bring together interrelated topics, and mix theoretical concepts with practical work and industry examples. They are delivered online and in class, in English and Portuguese.
Within the scope of training, World of Shipping Portugal established a partnership with Speakwell to teach English terminology within the scope of logistics and supply chain, nautical and maritime business, seaports, and oil and gas activities.
The WofSPortugal Academy started its activities in May 2023. The Moodle platform was installed. The focus is not so much on the quantity but the quality of what is being taught, and duly care is exercised in the choice of Guest Speakers. Overall, the training programme is committed to training professionals with the necessary competencies to help them make the appropriate decisions for the success of the business community in which they are inserted.
'The Maritime House Blog' is the new kid in town. The ‘Maritime House Blog’ aims to build bridges between Academia and Industry and is a different channel for sharing knowledge. It is a reading meeting point for Leading Academic Scientists, Researchers, Research Scholars, and Industry Practitioners working in the most diverse public and private organisations worldwide to publish their texts addressing relevant topics within maritime economics. A set of rules were implemented for the Blog to earn its credibility.
Overall, World of Shipping Portugal’s vision, mission and values are very clear. Its vision is linked to a better maritime industry day after day. Its mission aims to develop creative thinkers to support the evolutionary path of the shipping industry. Finally, its values are committed to honesty, integrity, excellence, and equality of opportunities.
Information about this Website Terms of Use is found here.
World of Shipping Portugal welcomes You to discover the amazing world of the Shipping Industry!
Take care, Stay safe, Be well!
Greetings from Lisbon
08 February 2024
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