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About 'World of Shipping Portugal'
World of Shipping Portugal is a privately owned web-based initiative established in 2018 by Ana Casaca, its Founder and Owner. It results from her passion for spreading knowledge about the maritime industry. The website as it is today results from an evolutionary process that started in 2011 when she created its first version after attending a course on website development.
Therefore, all you are about to explore, if you have the time, results from ongoing work for continuous improvement in a quest for perfection. While many websites today are built on existing templates, the World of Shipping Portugal website was built from scratch with a simple architecture to facilitate navigation.
With this in mind, the website follows a chronological approach. It shows part of the activities that Ana Casaca has been carrying out ashore since 1992, after leaving the Portuguese Nautical School in 1985 to embark on a sea career; these activities constitute the foundations of the World of Shipping Portugal initiative.
For this reason, the website is split into 8 Chapters within which detailed information can be found, and these Chapters explain why World of Shipping Portugal’s activities involve Maritime Business Training and Research. However, occasionally, Ana Casaca may carry out Technical Translations.
Chapter 1 indicates the training and lecturing activities that Ana Casaca has delivered for different entities since 1992. Chapter 2 provides information on her industry work and consultancy services as of 1998. Chapter 3 shows the vast range of research activities she has carried out within and outside the scope of the World of Shipping Portugal initiative. Chapter 4 refers to her technical translation activities.
Chapter 5 shows the research events she has organised within and outside the scope of the World of Shipping Portugal initiative. These events targeted the research community and industry practitioners. Ana firmly believes that research must have a purpose. She wanted her research events to be meeting points which identified new research areas worth investigating. Well-elaborated research and development activities help the Shipping Industry grow and become more sustainable in the long term. The shipping industry is facing tremendous challenges, including a lack of employees, new environmental regulations, security risks and rising costs. Out of these challenges, shipping decarbonisation is expected to cause a revolution in how ships operate since shipping companies must choose which alternative fuels best suit their operations, given their current availability constraints. All these challenges are sure to open the scope for maritime logistics improvements.
Chapter 6 is about WofSPortugal Resources. These Resources are classified under five broad categories: 1) Training Resources (training-related information); 2) Research Resources (research-related information and maritime information and data); 3) Reading Resources (namely, books, journals, magazines & newspapers, other publications); 4) Relevant Organisations in Shipping (such as political-related organisations, related economic organisations, environmental-related organisations, logistics & transport related organisations); and finally, 5) Maritime Organisations.
Chapter 7 is about the WofSPortugal Academy, the training arm of World of Shipping Portugal. It aims to provide quality, up-to-date education that meets market needs while providing national and international mobility and entrepreneurship development. Its training programme covers Short Courses and Master Classes in Distribution Channels, Logistics and Supply Chain Management, and Maritime Economics.
Chapter 8 is about WofSPortugal Books. It is a continuation of the research that Ana has carried out throughout the years. Over the years, Ana has discovered her passion for writing and sees that as an opportunity to leave her knowledge for future generations.
Chapter 9 is the new kid in town. The Maritime House Blog aims to bridge the gap between the Academia and Industry and is a different channel for sharing knowledge than the conventional research journals. It is a reading meeting point for Leading Academic Scientists, Researchers, Research Scholars, and Industry Practitioners working in the most diverse public and private organisations worldwide to publish their texts addressing relevant topics within maritime economics.
Overall, World of Shipping Portugal’s vision, mission and values are very clear. Its vision is linked to a better maritime industry day after day. Its mission aims to develop creative thinkers to support the evolutionary path of the shipping industry. Finally, its values are committed to honesty, integrity, excellence, and equality of opportunities.
Information about this Website Terms of Use is found here.
World of Shipping Portugal welcomes You to discover the amazing world of the Shipping Industry!
Take care, Stay safe, Be well!
Greetings from Lisbon
06 October 2023
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