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About 'World of Shipping Portugal'
World of Shipping Portugal is a privately owned web-based initiative established in 2018 by Ana Casaca, its Founder and Owner. We are involved in Maritime Training and Research, although occasionally, we carry out Technical Translations.
Our Vision
"A Better Maritime Industry Day After Day"
Our Mission
"To Develop Creative Thinkers to Support the Evolutionary Path of the Shipping Industry"
Our Values
"We are Committed and Value Honesty, Integrity, Excellence, and Equality of Opportunities"
The World of Shipping Portugal Academy is the World of Shipping Portugal training arm. It aims to provide quality, up-to-date education that meets market needs while providing national and international mobility and entrepreneurship development. Its training programme covers Short Courses and Master Classes in Distribution Channels, Logistics and Supply Chain Management, and Maritime Economics.
The Courses are designed to enhance the competencies of maritime industry professionals in which the theoretical concepts are mixed with practical work and industry examples, giving Participants a broad but insightful perspective of maritime transport activity; therefore, their contents are aligned with industry trends. Short Courses can be delivered either online or in class. While online class training provides an opportunity to manage time more efficiently where busy professionals fit their training needs around their lifestyle and work schedule, in-class training offers the opportunity to establish good human relationships, a feature from which the maritime industry has benefitted.
The Master Classes are designed to target a specific topic. They aim to give an insightful perspective on the chosen topic areas within the scope of Distribution Channels, Logistics and Maritime Economics. Master Classes are meant to deliver unique knowledge, skills, and abilities to highlight business's theoretical and practical aspects offering Participants the opportunity to solve the problems they may face in their company and improve their professional performance. They are to be carried out online.
Also, within the scope of training, World of Shipping Portugal established a partnership with Speakwell, a Portuguese private school that teaches foreign languages, to teach English terminology within the scope of logistics and supply chain, nautical, maritime business, seaports and oil and gas activities. The English language is critical since all worldwide communications are carried out in English. Therefore, a good perception and command of language is extremely important for the industry's performance.
Overall, the World of Shipping Portugal Academy training programme is committed to training enlightened professionals with the necessary skills to help them make the most appropriate decisions for the success of the business community in which they are inserted.
The Maritime Research is split into three sections. The first one concerns the research work carried out by Ana Casaca. The second section concerns the surveys she carries out to support her research. Finally, the third section shows the Research Events she organised within and outside the scope of the ‘World of Shipping Portugal’ initiative.
These Research Events targeted the Research Community and Industry Practitioners. Ana firmly believes that research must have a purpose. She wanted her Research Events to be meeting points which identified new research areas worth investigating. Well-elaborated research and development activities help the Shipping Industry grow and become more sustainable in the long term. The Shipping Industry is facing tremendous challenges, including a lack of employees, new environmental regulations, security risks and rising costs. Out of these challenges, shipping decarbonisation is expected to cause a revolution in how ships operate. Shipping companies are forced to decide which alternative fuels best suit their operations, given their current availability constraints. All these challenges are sure to open the scope for maritime logistics improvements.
These Resources are classified under 5 broad categories: 1) Training Resources (training related information); 2) Research Resources (research-related information and maritime information and data); 3) Reading Resources (namely, books, journals, magazines & newspapers, other publications); 4) Relevant Organisations in Shipping (such as political-related organisations, related economic organisations, environmental-related organisations, logistics & transport related organisations); and finally, 5) Maritime Organisations.
World of Shipping Portugal welcomes You to discover the amazing world of the Shipping Industry!
Take care, Stay safe, Be well!
Greetings from Lisbon
11 March 2023
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