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About World of Shipping Portugal
World of Shipping Portugal is a privately owned web-based initiative established in 2018 by Ana Casaca, its Founder and Owner, to "Deliver Knowledge, Training and Translation Services in Maritime Economics". Behind this initiative lies her passion for the shipping industry; after all, she has spent all her life surrounded by tankers, fishing boats, cargo ships, and other types of vessels. As the website's primary function is to disseminate knowledge, the web site's structure is straightforward. Ever since it was established, the website has suffered changes in contents and structure. It currently comprehends six Chapters: Training, Resources, Conference, Translation, Research, and Surveys. A brief description of each Chapter is found below.
Training. For Ana, training is a passion. The industry needs knowledgeable professionals, and training allows them to expand their competencies, i.e., knowledge, skills, and abilities, which contribute to addressing their weaknesses and improving their job performance and satisfaction. As a result, training leverages the competitive edge of companies and contributes to business sustainability in the long term. The Training Programme is comprehensive and gives Participants a broad perspective of the maritime transport activity, skills, and abilities to improve their competencies. The Training Programme covers the areas of Distribution Channels and Logistics, and Maritime Economics. Courses within each of these areas cover different topics, and their contents have been designed so that Participants can obtain synergies from the competencies they get from attending each of the proposed Courses. Training is delivered either online or in-class. While online class training provides an opportunity to manage time more efficiently where busy professionals fit their training needs around their lifestyle and work schedule, in-class training offers the opportunity to establish good human relationships, a feature from which the maritime industry has benefitted. For further information about the Training Programme click here.
Resources. While the industry benefits from many interesting websites containing various information about it, it also lacks a website/platform that provides access to this vast amount of information. In this regard, the website aims to disseminate knowledge platform from which the different Industry players, Leading Academic Scientists, Researchers, Research Scholars, Students and all Interested Stakeholders can benefit. Ana's involvement in training and research drew her attention to the necessity of having different sources of information at hand, within reach of a click, particularly in what concerns maritime industry data. Therefore, the World of Shipping Portugal Useful Resources are classified under 5 broad categories: 1) Training Resources (training related information); 2) Research Resources (research-related information and maritime information and data); 3) Reading Resources (namely, books, journals, magazines & newspapers, other publications); 4) Relevant Organisations in Shipping (such as political-related organisations, related economic organisations, environmental-related organisations, logistics & transport related organisations); and finally, 5) Maritime Organisations. Concerning Maritime Organisations, the variety is immense, so Ana welcomes you to investigate the information available and discover the amazing world of the shipping industry.
Conference. Disseminating knowledge is one of this website's functions; therefore, having a Research Conference makes all the sense. However, Ana does not want the Conference to be one more Conference. She firmly believes that research must have a purpose. Therefore, she wants it to be a meeting point for the different maritime industry sectors to meet with the Academia and, from this meeting, identify new research areas that contribute to the development of the different maritime sectors. Within this scope, well-elaborated research and development activities have a role since they will help the industry grow and become more sustainable in the long term. The worldwide research community is currently addressing numerous maritime research areas (for instance, autonomous vessels, green ports, maritime training, and alternative maritime fuels), and in this regard, any contribution that benefits the industry is more than welcomed. The first edition of the 'World of Shipping Portugal Conference' was in November 2019. The fourth edition of the Conference is taking place in January 2023.
Translation. The involvement of Ana in the translation of the third edition of the 'Maritime Economics' book written by Martin Stopford led Ana to create this Chapter. While it is not her focus, she is willing to contribute with her knowledge to a better outcoming if the opportunity arises. This Chapter also provides some information to be used by translators, although it is limited in scope.
Research. Although Ana has been involved in evaluating research proposals, projects, and paper reviews, she has also carried out her research work. All her work is presented here since she finished her master's degree in 1997. It includes her Master of Science Thesis, her PhD Dissertation, her Research Papers published in Journals, her Book Chapters, her Research not Peer-Reviewed, her Conference Research Papers, Other Presentations not Peer-Reviewed, and Articles that she has published in national and international media.
Surveys. This Chapter was created to allocate her research surveys.
Discover the Amazing World of the Shipping Industry!
Take care, Stay safe, Be well!
Greetings from Lisbon
19 May 2022
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