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The World of Shipping Portugal Academy is the World of Shipping Portugal training arm. Its programme covers Short Courses and Master Classes in Distribution Channels, Logistics and Supply Chain, and Maritime Economics.
MasterClasses: The Master Classes are 1) designed to target a specific topic, 2) meant to deliver unique competencies to highlight the business's theoretical and practical aspects, and 3) meant to offer participants the opportunity to solve their companies’ problems and improve their professional performance. They are delivered on-line and in English.

Short Courses: The Courses 1) are broader in scope, 2) are designed to offer background knowledge on a specific subject, bringing together interrelated topics, and 3) mix theoretical concepts with practical work and industry examples. They are delivered either online or in class, in Portuguese or in English.

Within the scope of training, World of Shipping Portugal established a partnership with Speakwell to teach English terminology within the scope of logistics and supply chain, nautical, maritime business, seaports and oil and gas activities. Overall, the World of Shipping Portugal Academy Training Programme is committed to training professionals with the necessary competencies to help them make the appropriate decisions for the success of the business community in which they are inserted.

WofSP Training Programme


Maritime English

Target Audience: The WofSPortugal Training Programme targets all Players interested in Distribution Channels, Logistics and Maritime Economics issues. It includes University Students, Importers / Exporters, Shippers, Shipping Companies, Vessel Operators, Shipping Agents, Freight Forwarders, Supply Chain Managers, 3PLs, Port Authorities, Port Terminal Operators, International and/or Intermodal Transport Companies, Maritime Lawyers, Consultants, and other parties with interest in the subject matter.
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