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Managing Dangerous Goods
Our Guest Lecturer was Ana Casaca, PhD, FICS.
Ana Casaca was, first and foremost, a Deck Officer responsible for navigational watches. Being at sea gave her a thorough perspective of the operational side of the shipping industry. She holds a B.Sc. (Honours) in Management and Maritime Technologies from Escola Nautica Infante D. Henrique (Portuguese Nautical school), an MSc in International Logistics from the University of Plymouth and a PhD in International Transport/Logistics from the University of Wales-Cardiff.
Next, she became an Experienced Lecturer, Researcher and Peer Reviewer in Maritime Economics and Logistics. In between, numerous functions and roles. For 20 years, she has been an External Expert for the European Commission, evaluating R&D/CEF proposals within the scope of maritime transport. In parallel, she has carried out other projects. She has delivered training and has been invited, since 2002, to peer review academic papers submitted to well-known international Journals.
She is the author of several research papers published in well-known academic journals and member of some journals’ editorial boards, namely, Maritime Business Review Associate Editor, Journal of International Logistics Editorial Board Member, Universal Journal of Management Editorial Board Member, Frontiers in Future Transportation Review Editor, and Journal of Shipping and Trade Guest Editor.
She is also the founder and owner of ‘World of Shipping Portugal’ a website initiative established in 2018 focused on maritime economics. In addition, she is a Member of the Research Centre on Modelling and Optimisation of Multifunctional Systems (CIMOSM, ISEL), Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers (ICS) and Member of the International Association of Maritime Economists (IAME).
: Ana Casaca, PhD, FICS
MasterClasses are 1) designed to target a specific topic, 2) meant to deliver unique competencies to highlight the business's theoretical and practical aspects, and 3) meant to offer participants the opportunity to solve their companies’ problems and improve their professional performance. They are delivered in English either in an online or in-classroom environment.
The internationalisation and globalisation of the economy have fostered international trading activities, whether they focus on the business-to-business or business-to-consumer markets. These trading activities result in the commercial transaction of goods and services. Both aim to satisfy human wants and needs and provide utility; however, they differ. While goods are tangible, services are intangible due to their inherent nature.
When considering goods, the range of goods traded varies according to their inherent characteristics. Some are carried in bulk, others in packages. Whether transported in bulk or packages, some are carried in liquid and others in solid, slurry or gas forms. However, independently of their transport form, they must be classified according to the degree of danger. If they are classified as dangerous, they present a risk to health, safety, property or the environment. Therefore, they must be handled with care for carriage, storage and production.
This MasterClass draws attention to the management of dangerous goods when carried in packaged form by sea, more precisely in containers. The numerous accidents witnessed over the years highlight the importance of this issue. For this purpose, this MasterClass will focus on the dangerous goods concept and the role of the IMDG Code in preventing accidents. Next, it will address the issue of cargo segregation and  draw attention to several measures that can be adopted at an early stage to prevent accidents from happening.
The MasterClass occurs on 07 August 2024.
It lasts for 3 hours and is taught in English.
It is scheduled for 0930 - 1245 Lisbon | London time with a 15-minute coffee-break.
Training takes place in a classroom context at Speakwell, Praça Mario Azevedo Gomes Lt. 12 1º, 2775-240 Parede.
MasterClasses target all Players interested in Distribution Channels, Logistics and Maritime Economics issues. It includes University Students, Importers / Exporters, Shippers, Shipping Companies, Vessel Operators, Shipping Agents, Freight Forwarders, Supply Chain Managers, 3PLs, Port Authorities, Port Terminal Operators, International and/or Intermodal Transport Companies, Maritime Lawyers, Consultants, and other parties with interest in the subject matter.
The Registration Fee is 145 Euros + 23% VAT (178.35 Euros).
The Registration Fee includes:
Access to the MasterClass, Support Materials, Coffee-break, and "Certificate of Attendance".
Registration can be made via Website.
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31 July 2024, 1600 Lisbon | London time
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