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Industry Work and Consultancy Services
If there is something that Ana Casaca likes is work diversity; the routine work kills her creativity. For this reason, besides being a lecturer and trainer, she worked in the industry and has always delivered consultancy services. Maritime transport is a very peculiar area, and in that sense, she believes that to be a good maritime lecturer and trainer, he/she must have worked in the industry. Otherwise, maritime lecturers and trainers lack what happens in reality, particularly on board vessels’ operations. For her, this is the way to establish the bridge between academia and industry.
 Consultancy Services
Ana Casaca Consultancy work is found below.
2023   VTM Global, Portugal. Maritime Consultant.
2022   International Transport Forum, France. Maritime Cabotage Expert.
2018 - 2019   SadoShip, Portugal. Technical Consultant.
2005   FORDESI - Consultoria e Inovação, Portugal. Maritime Consultant.
2003   European Economic and Social Committee, Belgium. Short Sea Shipping Expert.
2003 - to date   European Commission, Belgium. External Expert on Maritime Transport.
2001 - 2002   Instituto Superior de Economia e Gestão (ISEG), Portugal. Maritime Consultant.
1998 - 2000   FRESTI - Sociedade de Formação e Gestão de Navios, Portugal. Maritime Researcher.
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 Industry Work
Ana Casaca industry work is found below.
2004 –2018   Esprim - Centro de Acostagens, Amarrações e Serviços Marítimos, Lda., Portugal. Technical and Quality Assurance Director.
1994   Transinsular, Portugal. Traineeship in chartering and insurance.
1990   STEER-Portline, Portugal. At sea as 3rd Officer
1989   Marinter, Portugal. At sea as 3rd and 2nd Officer.
1988   Contramar, Portugal. At sea as 2nd Officer.
1987 - 1988   Portline, Portugal. At sea as 3rd Officer.
1985 - 1987   Sociedade Portuguesa de Navios Tanques (SOPONATA), Portugal. At sea as Cadet.
1984   CTM - Companhia Portuguesa de Transportes Marítimos, Portugal. At sea as a Navigation Student during the summer vacation.
1983   CTM - Companhia Portuguesa de Transportes Marítimos, Portugal. At sea as a Navigation Student during the summer vacation.
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 Consultancy Services
 Industry Work
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