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About WofSP
About the WofSP Founder and Owner
Privacy Policy / Politica de Privacidade
  Training / Formação
About Training / Sobre a Formação
Training Plan and Calendar / Plano e Calendário de Formação
Online Registration Form / Ficha de Inscrição Online
Training Resources / Recursos Formativos
Research Resources / Recursos de apoio à Investigação
Reading Resources / Fontes de Leitura
Relevant Organisations / Organisações Relevantes
Maritime Organisations / Organisações Marítimas
  World of Shipping Portugal. An International Research Conference on Maritime Affairs
2019 World of Shipping Portugal Conference. Summary Report
2021 World of Shipping Portugal Conference. Summary Report
2022 World of Shipping Portugal Conference
Message from the Chairman
Conference Committees
Local Organising Committee Members Bionotes
IScC Members Expertise Areas Online Survey
Call for Papers
Submission Procedures
Submit your Regular Abstract here!
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Review Procedure
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Conference Programme & Registration Procedures
Conference Online Registration
Authors and Delegates Online Registration Form
Guest Speakers Online Registration Form
Delegates Online Registration Form
Conference Venue
Travel Information
Contact & Sponsorship
  Translation Services
About Translation Services / Sobre os Serviços de Tradução
Translations Resources / Recursos de Apoio às Traduções
Glossaries and Dictionaries / Glossários & Dicionários
  World of Shipping Portugal Research
MSc Thesis - Diversitication of a Non-Vessel Operator Common Carrier into Shipping
PhD Dissertation - The Competitiveness of Short Sea Shipping in Multimodal Logistics Supply Chains
Research Papers Published in Journals
Book Chapters
Other Research not Peered Reviewed
Research Papers in Conferences
Other Presentations
Articles in National and International Media
World of Shipping Portugal Surveys
Choice of Ship Repair Yard Online Survey Questionnaire
Maritime Education during COVID-19 Pandemic Survey Questionnaire
  World of Shipping Book
About Maritime Economics
Why a Vessel is a She?
Type of Tanker Ships
  World of Shipping Dictionary (English - Portuguese)
Discover the Amazing World of the Shipping Industry!
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