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Books on Clusters
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 Letters A - F
A Life Cycle for Clusters? The Dynamics of Agglomeration, Change, and Adaption, by Kerstin Press
Analysis of Industrial Clusters in China, by Zhu Yingming
Business Clusters. Partnering for Strategic Advantage, edited by C. Jayachandran, Michael Thorpe, Ram Subramanian and Vishnuprasad Nagadevara 
Business Clusters: An International Perspective, by Martin Perry
Business Networks in Clusters and Industrial Districts: The Governance of the Global Value Chain, edited by Fiorenza Belussi and Alessia Sammarrausiness
Clustering Dynamics and the Location of High-Tech-Firms, by Mario A. Maggioni
Clusters and Economic Growth in Asia, edited by Sören Eriksson
Clusters and Globalisation. The Development of Urban and Regional Economies, edited by Christos Pitelis, Roger Sugden and James R. Wilson
Clusters and Regional Development: Critical Reflections and Explorations, edited by Bjorn Asheim, Philip Cooke and Ron Martin
Clusters, Networks and Innovation, by Stefano Breschi and Franco Malerba
Competition, Competitive Advantage, and Clusters: The Ideas of Michael Porter, edited by Robert Huggins and Hiro Izushi
Competitive Advantages through Clusters: An Empirical Study with Evidence from China, by Saša Šarić
Creative Cities, Cultural Clusters and Local Economic Development, edited by Philip N. Cooke and Luciana Lazzeretti
Economics of Clusters. A Brief History of Cluster Theories and Policy, by Jérôme Vicente
Emerging Clusters: Theoretical, Empirical and Political Perspectives on the Initial Stage of Cluster Evolution, edited by Dirk Fornahl, Sebastian Henn and Max-Peter Menzel
Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Business Clusters, by Panos G. Piperopoulos
Foundations of the Knowledge Economy: Innovation, Learning and Clusters, edited by Knut Ingar Westeren
From Agglomeration to Innovation. Upgrading Industrial Clusters in Emerging Economies, edited by A. Kuchiki and M. Tsuji
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 Letters G - L
Global Clusters of Innovation: Entrepreneurial Engines of Economic Growth Around the World, edited by Jerome S. Enge
Growing Industrial Clusters in Asia: Serendipity and Science, edited by Shahid Yusuf, Kaoru Nabeshima and Shoichi Yamashita (Open Access)
Handbook of Research on Cluster Theory, edited by Charlie Karlsson
Handbook on the Geographies of Innovation, edited by Richard Shearmu, Christophe Carrincazeaux and David Doloreux
Industrial and Regional Clusters: Concepts and Comparative Applications, 2nd ed, by Edward M. Bergman and Edward J. Feser (Open Access)
Industrial Clusters and Inter-firm Networks, edited by Charlie Karlsson, Börje Johansson, Roger Stough
Industrial Clusters and Micro and Small Enterprises in Africa: From Survival to Growth, edited by Yutaka Yoshino
Industrial Clusters in Biotechnology: Driving Forces, Development Processes and Management Practices, by Vittorio Chiesa and Davide Chiaroni
Industrial Clusters, Migrant Workers, and Labour Markets in India, edited by Shuji Uchikawa
Industrial Clusters, Upgrading and Innovation in East Asia, edited by Akifumi Kuchiki and Masatsugu Tsuji
Industrial Clusters. Knowledge, Innovation Systems and Sustainability in the UK, by John F. Wilson, Chris Corker and Joe Lane
Innovation and Performance Drivers of Business Clusters. An Empirical Study, edited by Miroslav Zizka and Petra Rydvalova
Innovation in Clusters. Understanding Universities, Special Economic Zones, and Modeling, by Nataliya Klimova, Oleg Kozyrev and Eduard Babkin
Innovation Networks and Clusters: The Knowledge Backbone, edited by Blandine Laperche, Paul Sommers and Dimitri Uzunidis
Innovation Performance and Clusters: A Dynamic Capability Perspective on Regional Technology Clusters, by Nicole Röttmer
Innovative Clusters Drivers of National Innovation Systems, by OECD
Knowledge Intensive Business Services and Regional Competitiveness, edited by João J. M. Ferreira, Mário L. Raposo, Cristina I. Fernandes and Marcus Dejardin
Life Cycle of Clusters in Designing Smart Specialization Policies, by Giuseppe Pronestì
Local Clusters in Global Value Chains: Linking Actors and Territories Through Manufacturing and Innovation, edited by Valentina De Marchi, Eleonora Di Maria and Gary Gereffi
Local Industrial Clusters: Existence, Emergence and Evolution, by Thomas Brenner
Logistics Clusters: Delivering Value and Driving Growth, by Yossi Sheffi
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 Letters M - R
Production Networks and Industrial Clusters: Integrating Economies in South East Asia edited by Ikuo Kuroiwa and Toh Mun Heng
Regional Development in the Knowledge Economy, edited by Philip Cooke and Andrea Piccaluga
Renewable Energy Clusters. Recurring Barriers to Cluster Development in Eleven Countries, by Gudrun Jaegersberg and Jenny Ure
Resources and Competitive Advantage in Clusters by Kerry Brown, John Burgess, Marion Festing and Susanne Royer
Rethinking Clusters. Place-based Value Creation in Sustainability Transitions, edited by Silvia Rita Sedita and Silvia Blasi
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 Letters S - Z
The Economics of Regional Clusters: Networks, Technology and Policy, edited by Uwe Blien and Gunther Maie
The Globalization of Regional Clusters. Between Localization and Internationalization, edited by Dirk Fornahl and Nils Grashof
The Life Cycle of Clusters: A Policy Perspective, edited by Dirk Fornahl and Robert Hassink
The Routledge Companion to Network Industries, edited by Matthias Finger and Christian Jaag
The Technological Evolution of Industrial Districts, edited by Fiorenza Belussi, Giorgio Gottardi, and Enzo Rullani
Unfolding Cluster Evolution, edited by Fiorenza Belussi and Jose Luis Hervás-Oliver
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 Letters A - F
 Letters G - L
 Letters M - R
 Letters S - Z
 Conference Proceedings
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