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Maritime Organisations
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Comité International Radio-Maritime (in English: International Association for Maritime Electronics Companies, The)
Comité Maritime International (in English: International Maritime Committee)
Global Maritime Forum
InterManager (International Ship Managers' Association)
International Association of Marine and Shipping Professionals
International Association of Maritime and Port Executives
International Association of Maritime Economists
International Association of Maritime Institutions
International Christian Maritime Association
International Community for Maritime and Ocean Professionals
International Council of Marine Industry Associations
International Labour Organisation
International Maritime Association of the Mediterranean
International Maritime Bureau (International Chamber of Shipping)
International Maritime Employers' Council, The
International Maritime Health Association
International Maritime History Association
International Maritime Organisation
International Maritime Pilots' Association
International Maritime Rescue Federation
International Maritime Statistics Forum
International Windship Association
Nautilus International
Oil Companies International Marine Forum
Society of Maritime Industries
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Andros Maritime Association
Association of Maritime Managers in Information Technology and Communications
British Marine Federation
Clyde Maritime Forum
Danish Maritime
Deutsche Maritime Zentrum e.V. (in English: German Maritime Centre)
Devon Maritime Forum
Finnish Marine Industries
Foro Marítimo Vasco (in English: Basque Maritime Forum)
Irish Marine Federation
Isle of Man Maritime Limited
Maritime Battery Forum
Maritime London
Maritime UK
Maritimt Forum (in English: Maritime Forum)
Nederland Maritiem Land (in English: Dutch Maritime Network)
Northern Ireland Marine Task Force
Norwegian Maritime Exporters
Society of Maritime Industries, The
Swedish Marine Industries Federation
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Richardson's Bay Maritime Association
South African Aerospace Maritime & Defence Industries Association
South African Marine Forum, The
South African Maritime Professionals Association
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 FSU & Middle East
Georgia International Maritime Forum
Yat ve Tekne Endüstrisi Derneği (in English: Turkish Yacht and Boat Industry Association)
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ASEAN Maritime Forum
Association of Singapore Marine Industries
Indian Maritime Association UK
International Mariners Management Association of Japan
Japan Maritime Public Relations Center
Maritime Forum
Maritime League, The
MaritimeONE Connect Office (formerly Maritime Singapore Connect)
Philippine Association of Maritime Institutions
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Maritime New Zealand
New Zealand Marine Industry Association
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 North America
American Maritime Modernization Association
American Maritime Partnership
Association Maritime du Québec (in English: Quebec Maritime Association)
Atlanta Maritime Association
Atlantic Marine Associates
Connecticut Maritime Association Inc.
Great Lakes Maritime Task Force
Gulf States Maritime Association
Jacksonville Maritime Association
Louisiana Maritime Association
Marine Industries Association of South Florida 
Maritime Association of Professional Sign Language Interpreters 
Maritime Association of South Carolina, The
Maritime Association of the Port of New York and New Jersey
Maritime Employers Association
Mississippi River Maritime Association
National Association of Maritime Organization
Pacific Maritime Association
Sacramento Delta Youth Maritime Association
Savannah Maritime Association
Steamship Trade Association of Baltimore
United States Maritime Alliance
Vancouver International Maritime Centre
Virginia Maritime Association
Washington Maritime Federation
West Gulf Maritime Association
Young Shipping Professionals of New York
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 Latin America
Centro de Navegación (in English: Navigation Centre)
Maritime Association of Venezuela
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 Websites of Interest
ILO Maritime Labour Convention, 2006
IMO Maritime Facts and Figures: Introduction
IMO Maritime Facts and Figures: National / Regional
IMO Maritime Guidelines
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 Documents of Interest
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 FSU & Middle East
 North America
 Latin America
 Websites of Interest
 Documents of Interest
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