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Shipowners / Ship Operators Associations
International Association of Dry Cargo Shipowners
International Association of Independent Tanker Owners
International Chamber of Shipping
International Tanker Owners Pollution Federation
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Belgium, Union Royale des Armateurs Belges (in English: Royal Belgian Shipowners’ Association)
Bulgaria, Bulgarian Shipowners Association
Croatia, Croatian Shipowners Association
Cyprus, Cyprus Union of Shipowners
Denmark, Danmarks Rederiforening (in English: Danish Shipowners Association)
Estonia, Estonian Shipowners Association 
European Community Shipowners Association
Faroe Islands, Shipowners of the Faroe Islands
Finland, Finnish Shipowners’ Association
France, Armateurs de France (in English: French Shipowners)
France, Comité des Armateurs Fluviaux (in English: River Owners' Committee)
Germany, Verband Deutscher Reeder (in English: German Shipowners' Association)
Greece, Greek Shipowners Association For Passenger Ships
Greece, Hellenic Professional Yacht Owners Association
Greece, Hellenic Shortsea Shipowners Association 
Greece, Union of Greek Shipowners
Italy, Assarmatori Shipowners Association (in English: Italian Shipowners’ Association)
Italy, Confederazione Italiana Armatori (in English: Italian Shipowners’Association)
Italy, Fedarlinea, Associazione Italiana di Cabotaggio Nazionale (in English: Fiderlinea - Italian National Cabotage Association)
Lithuania, Lietuvos Laivų Savininkų Asociacija (in English: Lithuanian Shipowners Association)
Malta, Malta International Shipowners'Association
Netherlands, The, Koninklijke Vereniging van Nederlandse Reders (in English: Royal Association of Netherlands Shipowners)
Norway, Norges Rederiforbund (in English: Norwegian Shipowners Association)
Norway, Oslo Shipowners' Association
Poland, Związek Armatorów Polskich (in English: Polish Shipowners' Association)
Portugal, Associação dos Armadores da Marinha do Comércio (in English: Merchant Shipping Shipowners Association)
Portugal, European International Shipowners Association of Portugal
Slovenia, Slovenian Association of Shipowners
Spain, Asociación de Navieros Españoles (in English: Spanish Shipowners' Association)
Spain, Asociación de Navieros Vascos (in English: Basque Shipowners Association)
Sweden, Svensk Sjöfart (in English: Swedish Shipowners' Association )
Switzerland, Swiss Shipowners Association
United Kingdom, International Support Vessel Owners Association
United Kingdom, Southampton Shipowners Association
United Kingdom, United Kingdom Chamber of Shipping
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African Shipowners Association
Ghana, Shipowners and Agents Association of Ghana
Liberia, Liberian Shipowners' Council
Nigeria, Shipowners Association of Nigeria
South Africa, South African Association of Ship Operators and Agents
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 FSU & Middle East
Iran, Iranian Shipowners Association
Lebanon, Lebanese Shipowners Association
Saudi Arabia, Organization of the Islamic Shipowners' Association
Turkey, Turkish Shipowners Association
United Arab Emirates, United Arab Emirates Shipowners Association
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Asian Shipowners' Association
Bangladesh, Bangladesh Ocean Going Shipowners Association
China, China Association of Shipping Agencies & Non Vessel-Operating Common Carriers
China, China Shipowners’ Association
Hong-Kong, Hong Kong Mid Stream Operators Association Ltd
Hong-Kong, Hong Kong Shipowners Association
India, Foreign Owners Representatives and Ship Managers Association
India, Indian National Shipowners' Association
Indonesia, Indonesia National Shipowners Association
Japan, Japanese Shipowners Association, The
Malaysia, Malaysian Offshore Support Vessel Owners Association
Malaysia, Malaysian Shipowners Association
Philippines, Association of International Shipping Lines
Philippines, Filipino Shipowners Association
Philippines, Philippine Liner Shipping Association (for Domestic Shipowners Association) 
Singapore, Federation of ASEAN Shipowners' Associations
South Korea, Korea Shipowners’ Association 
Taiwan, National Association of Chinese Shipowners
Thailand, Bangkok Shipowners and Agents Association
Thailand, Thai Shipowners' Association
Vietnam, Vietnam Shipowners' Association
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Cook Islands, Cook Islands Ship Owners Association 
Australia, Maritime Industry Australia Limited
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 North America
Canada, Armateurs du Saint-Laurent (in English: Saint Lawrence Ship Operators)
Canada, International Shipowners Alliance of Canada
Canada, Shipping Federation of Canada
United States, Boat Owners Association of The United States
United States, Columbia River Steamship Operators Association
United States, Lake Carriers' Association
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 Latin America
Argentine, Federación de Empresas Navieras Argentinas (in English: Federation of Argentine Shipping Companies)
Bahamas, Bahamas Shipowners Association, The
Brazil, Sindicato dos Armadores Nacionais (in English: Union of Brazilian Shipowners)
Chile, Asociación Nacional de Armadores (in English: National Shipowners' Association)
Colombia, Asociación Nacional de Navieros y Agentes Marítimos (in English: National Association of Shipowners and Shipping Agents)
Domenican Republic, Asociación de Navieros de la República Dominicana (in English: 
Guatemala, Asociación de Navieros de Guatemala (in English: Association of Guatemalan Shipowners)
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Hong Kong Cargo-Vessel Traders Association Ltd
Ship Structure Committee
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 FSU & Middle East
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