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Ship Registration
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 First Register
Australia, Australia Ship Registration
Belgium, Belgian Ships Registration
Canada, Canadian Register of Vessels
Chile, Chilean Ship Registry
Croatia, Hrvatski Registar Brodova (in English: Croatian Register of Shipping)
Denmark, Danish Ship Register
Dominica, Commonwealth of Dominica International Maritime Registry
Estonia, Estonian Ship Register
Finland, Finish Ship Register
Ghana, Ghana Ship Registry
Ireland, Irish Boat Registration Services
Ireland, Irish Registration of Ships
Kiribati, Kiribati Ship Registry
Latvia, Latvian Ship Registration
New Zealand, New Zealand Ship Registration
Niue, Niue Ship Registry
Norway, Norwegian Ordinary Ship Register
Oman, Sultanate of Oman Ship Registration
Papua New Guinea, Papua New Guinea Ship Registration
Poland, Polish Boat Registration
Poland, Yacht Register Poland
Portugal, Registo de Navios (in English: Ship Registry)
Spain, Registro de Buques (in English: Ship Registry)
Sweden, Swedish Register of Ships
Turkey, Turkish National Ship Registry
Tuvalu, Tuvalu Ship Registry
Ukraine, Registration in the State Ship Registry of Ukraine
United Kingdom, Red Ensign Group
United Kingdom, United Kingdom Ship Register
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 Second Register
Brazil, Registro Especial Brasileiro (in English: Brazilian Special Registration)
Cook Islands, Cook Islands Ship Registry
Denmark, Danish International Register of Shipping
Finland, Aland Islands
French Polynesia, French Polynesia Ship Register
Hong Kong, Hong Kong Shipping Registry
Italy, International Shipping Registry
Macao, Macao Maritime Registration for Ships
New Caledonia, New Caledonia Ship Register
Norway, Norwegian International Ship Register
Spain, Registro Especial de Buques y Empresas Navieras (in English: Canary Islands Ship Registry)
Turkey, Turkish International Ship Registry
Turks & Caicos, Turks & Caicos Shipping Register
United Kingdom, Anguilla Register of Ships
United Kingdom, Channel Islands Ships Registry (British Registry of Ships in Jersey)
United Kingdom, Falkland Islands Ship Registry
United Kingdom, Isle of Man Ship Registry
Virgin Islands, Virgin Islands Shipping Registry 
Wallis and Futuna Islands, Wallis and Futuna Ship Register
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 Flags of Convinience | Open Registers
Antigua and Barbuda, Antigua & Barbuda Ship Registry
Bahamas, Bahamas Vessel Registration
Barbados, Barbados Maritime Ships Registry
Belize, International Merchant Marine Registry of Belize
Bermuda, Bermuda Ship Registry
Bolivia, Registro Internacional Boliviano de Buques (in English: Bolivian International Ship Registry)
Cambodia, International Ship Registry of Cambodia
Cameroon, Cameroon Ship Registration
Cayman Island, Cayman Island Shipping Register
Comoros, Comoros Maritime Administration
Cook Islands, Cook Islands Ships Register
Curacao, Curacao Registration
Cyprus, Cyprus Ship Registry
Equatorial Guinea, Equatorial Guinea Vessel Registration 
Faroe Islands, Faroe Islands National and International Ship Register
France, Registre International Français (in English: French International Ship Register)
Georgia, Georgia Vessel Registration 
Germany, German International Shipping Register
Honduras, Registro de Buques (in English: Ship Registry)
Jamaica, Jamaica Ship Registry
Lebanon, Lebanese Ship Registration
Liberia, Liberian International Ship and Corporate Registry
Malta, Malta Ship Registration
Marshall Islands, Marshall Islands Registry
Mauritius, Mauritius Open Ship Registry
Moldova, Moldova Ship Registration
Mongolia, Mongolian Ship Registry
Myanmar, Myanmar (Burma) Ship Registration
Netherlands Antilles, Netherlands Antilles (Curacao)
North Korea, North Korean Ship Register
Palau, Palau International Ship Registry
Panama, Panama Registry, The
Portugal, Registo Intermacional da Madeira (in English: Madeira's International Shipping Register)
Saint Vincent and the Grenadine, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Ship Registry
São Tome and Príncipe, São Tome and Príncipe Ship Register
Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka Ship Registration
St. Kitts and Nevis, St. Kitts and Nevis International Ship Registry
Tanzania, Zanzibar International Register of Shipping
Togo, International Registration Bureau
Tonga, Tonga Ship Registry
Uganda, East Africa Ship Register
United Kingdom, Gibraltar Ship Registry
Vanuatu, Vanuatu Ship Registry
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 Websites of Interest
Flags of Convenience
National Register of Historic Vessels (Britain)
Official Guide to Ship Registries
Pharaohs Marine Consultants
World Shipping Register (eships.net)
World Shipping Register (world-ships.com)
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 Documents of Interest
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 First Register
 Second Register
 Open Registers
 Websites of Interest
 Documents of Interest
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