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Shipping Markets - Short Sea, Ferry and Autonomous Shipping
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 Short Sea Shipping Organisations
American Maritime Partnership
Associação Brasileira dos Armadores de Cabotagem (in English: Brazilian Association of Cabotage Shipowners)
Coastal Ship Owners Association of Bangladesh
Cyprus Marine and Maritime Institute
European Shortsea Network
General Federation of Coastal Vessels Association
Hellenic Shortsea Shipowners Association (formely the Mediterranean Cargo Vessels Shipowners Union)
Indian Coastal Conference Shipping Association
Intermodal Promotion Centre Portugal
Intermodal Transport Cluster
Irish Maritime Development Office
Japan Coastal Tanker Association
Japan Federation of Coastal Shipping Associations
Malta Shortsea Promotion Centreus, The
Short Sea Shipping Inland Waterway Promotion Center
Short Sea Shipping Poland
Short Sea Shipping Turkey
Shortsea Promotion Centre Estonia
Shortsea Promotion Centre Italy
Shortsea Promotion Centre Norway
Shortsea Promotion Centre Spain
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 Ferry Shipping Organisations
Canadian Ferry Association
Interferry (formerly the International Marine Transit Association)
Worldwide Ferry Safety Association
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 Autonomous Shipping Organisations
Norwegian Forum for Autonomous Ships
One Sea Association
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 Websites of Interest
European Commission - Internal market - Services (cabotage)
International Transport Workers Federation on Cabotage
National Union of Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers on Cabotage, The
Shortsea Schedules
ShippingLab. Driving Future Maritime Technology
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 Documents of Interest
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 Short Sea Market
 Ferry Market
 Autonomous Market
 Websites of Interest
 Documents of Interest
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