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Social and Welfare Organisations in Shipping
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Center for International Seamen and Truckers
Human Rights at Sea
International Association of Marine and Shipping Professionals
International Christian Maritime Association
International Labour Organization
International Maritime Employers' Council
International Organization of Masters, Mates and Pilots
International Seafarers' Center
International Seafarers' Welfare and Assistance Network, The
International Shipmasters Association
International Transport Workers Federation (Seafarers)
ITF Seafarers
ITF Seafarers' Trust
Mission to Seafarers, The
Seafarer Help (International Seafarers’ Welfare and Assistance Network)
Seafarers International Union
Seafarers’ Rights International
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Careers at Sea
Confederation of European Shipmasters' Associations
Corporation of Trinity House
Honourable Company of Master Mariners, The
International Federation of Shipmasters' Associations
Irish Institute of Master Mariners
Lietuvos Jūrininkų Sąjunga (in English: Lithuanian Seamen's Union)
Lithuanian Shipmasters Association
Marine Society & Sea Cadets
Mission to Seafarers', The
Netherlands Maritime Employers' Association 
Netherlands Maritime Employers Association Neptune
Norsk Sjøoffisersforbund (in English: Norwegian Seafarers' Association)
Om Sjöbefälsföreningen (in English: Maritime Officers' Association)
Panhellenic Seaman's Federation
Royal Alfred Seafarers' Society, The
Sailors' Society
Seafarers' Charity, The
Sociaal Maritiem Werkgeversverbond (in English: Social Maritime Employers' Association)
Stella Maris
Vereniging van Werkgevers in de Handelsvaart (in English: Association of Commercial Shipping Employers)
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Christian Seaman's Organisation's
East African Seafarers' Assistance Programme
Sailors' Society South Africa
Society of Masters Mariners South Africa, The
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 FSU & Middle East
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All Japan Seamen's Union
Hong Kong Sea Cadet Corps
International Mariners Association of Japan
Japan Captains' Association
Japan Sea Cadet Federation
Mariners' Club, The
Merchant Navy Officers’ Guild, Hong Kong
Prince of Wales Seamen’s Club, The
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Australia Seafarers Welfare' Council
Australian Mariners Welfare Society
Mission to Seafarers' Australia, The
Sailors' Society New Zealand, The
Stella Maris, Australia
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 North America
American Maritime Officers
American Professional Mariners Association
Baltimore International Seafarers' Center, The
Charleston Port & Seafarers' Society
Council of American Master Mariners
Galveston Seamen's Center
Houston International Seafarers Center
International Sailors' Society Canada
Maritime Employers Association
Mission to Seafarers Vancouver, The
North American Maritime Ministry Association
Seamen's Church Institute
Seamen's Society
United Seamen's Service
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 Latin America
Asociación Panameña de Oficiales de Marina (in English: Panamanian Association of Naval Officers)
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 Websites of Interest
Internet for Seafarers (International Christian Maritime Association)
ITF Seafarers - Crewing Agents
Maritime Careers UK
Maritime Experts Information Sharing Platform
OceanExpert - A Directory of Marine and Freshwater Professionals
Seafarers Happiness Index, The
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 Documents of Interest
Neptune Declaration on Seafarer Wellbeing and Crew Change, The (pdf)
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 FSU & Middle East
 North America
 Latin America
 Websites of Interest
 Documents of Interest
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