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Tug Owners, Mooring, Stevedores and Other Organisations
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 Tug Owners Organisations
American Tug Owners Association
Asociación Nacional de Remolcadores de España (in English: Spanish National Tugowners Association)
Association des Entrepreneurs en Remorquage de L'est du Canada, La (in English: Eastern Canadian Tug-Boat Owners' Association)
British Tugowners Association
Coast Guard Tug Association
Council of Marine Carriers
European Tugowners Association
Great Lakes Area Nordic Tug Owners Association
International Tugmasters Association
Japan Harbour Tug Owners Association, The
Nihon Coastal Tug Association
Northeast Nordic Tug Owners' Association
Pacific Northwest Nordic Tug Owners Association
San Francisco Bay Area Nordic Tug Association
Southeast Nordic Tug Owner's Association
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 Mooring Organisations
Asociación Española de Empresas de Amarre (in English: Spanish Association of Mooring Companies)
Associazione Nazionale dei Gruppi Ormeggiatori e Barcaioli dei Porti Italiani (in English: Linesmen and Boatmen National Association of the Italian Ports)
Boat Union of Santorini
European Boatmen's Association
Finnish Boatmen's Association
International Boatmen's Linesmen's Association
Marlborough Berth and Mooring Association
Nederlandse Bootlieden Vereniging (in English: Dutch Boatmen’s Association)
Swedish Boatmens´ Association
Syndicat Professionnel du Lamanage des ports de la Manche - de la Mer du Nord - et de l'Atlantique (in English: Mooring Professional Union - North Sea and Atlantic Ports)
Verband Deutscher Festmacherbetriebe e.V. (in English: Association of German Mooring Companies e.V.)
West Highland Anchorages and Moorings Association
Western Australian Mooring Association
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 Stevedores Organisations
Asociación de Empresas Estibadoras Portuarias de Barcelona (in English: Association of Port Stevedoring Companies of Barcelona)
Association of Lithuanian Stevedoring Companies, The
General Stevedoring Council
Ghana Association of Stevedoring Companies 
International Longshore and Warehouse Union
International Longshoremen’s Association, The
National Association of Dock Labour Employers
National Association of Stevedoring Companies
National Association of Stevedoring Operators 
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 Other Organisations
Lifting Equipment Engineers Association
Society of Marine Port Engineers
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 Websites of Interest
Shipmoor - Mooring Analysis for the 21st Century
The role of stevedores in shipping
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 Documents of Interest
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 Tug Owners Organisations
 Mooring Organisations
 Stevedores Organisations
 Other Organisations
 Websites of Interest
 Documents of Interest
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