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Glossaries and Dictionaries
 Glossaries and Dictionaries on Economics, Trade & Finance
Acronym Database, The
A-Z Dictionary of Export, Trade and Shipping Terms
Bankruptcy Glossary of Terms
Bretton Woods Project Glossary
Bureau of Industry and Security Acronyms
Deardorffs' Glossary of International Economics
Dictionary of Finance
Dictionary of Trade Terms (pdf)
Essential AS Economics Glossary
FOREX Glossary
Global Edge Glossary
Glossary (World Steel Association)
Glossary of International Customs Terms
Glossary of International Export Import Trade Terms and Shipping Terms
Hypertextual Finance Glossary
International Trade Glossary of Terms
International Trade Terms & Definitions - DHL Go Global
Key Definitions of 2000 Trade Terms and Acronyms (pdf)
Multi-language Futures Glossary
Securities Glossary
Trade and Shipping Terms
WTO Terminology Database
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 Glossaries and Dictionaries on Management & Marketing
12 Management dictionary | MBA dictionary
Business Dictionary for Entrepreneurs
Common Language Marketing Dictionary
Concise Dictionary of Management Terms
Energy Management Glossary
Essentials of Strategic Management
Glossary of Service Marketing and Management Terms
Insurance and Risk Management Terms
Letter of Credit Glossary of Terms
Marketing glossary - The Chartered Institute of Marketing
Monash University - Faculty of Business and Economics, Marketing Dictionary
New York Times Glossary of Financial and Business Terms
Operations Management Glossary
Project Management Glossary
Strategic Management Glossary of Terms Business Glossary, The
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 Glossaries and  Dictionaries on Logistics & SCM
Glossary of Retail Supply Chain Terms
GuiaLog Diccionário de Logistica
Inbound Logistics Glossary of Supply Chain Terms
LogisticsWorld Logistics Glossary 
Quality Encyclopedia
Retail Glossary
Supply Chain and Operations Management Glossary, (LINDO Systems 2015)
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 Glossaries and  Dictionaries on Transport
Airfreight Glossary 711 V1
Dependable AirCargo Express (DAX): Shipping Glossary
Glossary of Shipping andTrucking Terms - Main
Glossary of Transportation Acronyms
Illustrated Glossary for Transport Statistics (EUROSTAT)
Mount Aureol Freight Services Ltd Glossary of Freight Shipping Terms
Railway Lexicon
Terms and Abbreviations Air Cargo
Transport Geography Glossary
Trucking Freight Glossary - Shipping Glossary
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 Glossaries and  Dictionaries on Shipping & Ports
Baltic Exchange Glossary, The
Boating Basics Glossary of Terms
Bosun's Mate Glossary of Terms, The
Charter Party Terms
Chartering abbreviations
Crowly Glossary
Customs Brokerage Fee - Glossary of Terms
French Shipbrokers Glossary
Glossary of Export Import International Trade and Shipping Terms
Glossary of Naval Architecture Terminologies & Definitions
Glossary of Maritime Terms
Glossary of Nautical Terms - English - Portuguese | Portuguese - English (pdf)
Glossary of Trade & Shipping Terms
Great Lakes Maritime Shipping Glossary Shipping Glossary
International Trade Finance: Shipping Glossary/Nautical Terms
Legal and Economic Analysis of Tramp Maritime Services Glossary of Key Shipping Terms
Marad Glossary of Shipping Terms (2008)
Maritime Terms and Definitions (circa 1944)
Nautical Terms
OOCL Shipping Glossary
Pallet dimensions and position in container
Portal Naval Glossary (in Portuguese)
Practical Boat Owner Glossary Abbreviations and Definitions
RIM Ship AS Abbreviations
Sailing Terms Glossary of maritime and shipping terms
SeaTalk Dictionary
Shipbuilding Dictionary Picture
Shipping Terms
Skuld Abbreviations and Acronyms
Terms of container delivering by shipping line, The
Transintra Lexicon
WorldBank Port Toolkit Glossary of Port and Shipping Terms
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 Miscellaneous Glossaries and  Dictionaries
European Environment Agency Multilingual Environmental Glossary
FAO Fisheries Glossary
Global Marine Oil Pollution Information Gateway Glossary

Platts Energy Glossary

U.S. Energy Information Administration Glossary
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