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About Our MasterClasses
Our MasterClasses are designed to target a specific topic. They aim to give an insightful perspective on the chosen topic areas within the scope of Distribution Channels, Logistics and Maritime Economics. MasterClasses are meant to deliver unique knowledge, skills, and abilities to highlight business’s theoretical and practical aspects, offering Participants the opportunity to solve the problems they may face in their company and improve their professional performance; they are online. They will be carried out either in English or Portuguese.
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Target Audience
Our MasterClasses target all Players interested in Distribution Channels, Logistics and Maritime Economics issues. This target audience includes University Students, Importers / Exporters, Shippers, Shipping Companies, Vessel Operators, Shipping Agents, Freight Forwarders, Supply Chain Managers, 3PLs, Port Authorities, Port Terminal Operators, International and/or Intermodal Transport Companies, Maritime Lawyers, Consultants, and other parties having a specific interest in the subject matter.
Managing Dangerous Cargoes
Ana Casaca, Deck Officer, PhD, FICS
18 October 2023
1500 - 1700 Lisbon | London Time
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Letters of Indemnity in Shipping: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
Norman Lopez, FICS
02 November 2023
1100 - 1300 Lisbon | London Time
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Refrigerated Cargo Market: More than a niche in the Maritime Shipping Business
Cassia Bömer Galvão, Ph.D.
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Inovação e Sustentabilidade na Economia Azul
Álvaro Sardinha
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  Discover the Amazing World of the Shipping Industry!  
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