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Maritime Economics Dictionary (English - Portuguese)
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When I translated from English to Portuguese the 3rd edition of the book “Maritime Economics” written by Martin Stopford, I found it difficult to find the resources to carry out the translation work even though I have a nautical degree, a vast knowledge of the maritime industry, and a very good knowledge of English Language and of the Maritime Terminology.
I realised that the terminology is so scattered along many different sources (hardcopies, e-books, and webpages) that slowly I managed to put together numerous resources, because there is no single reference in the body of literature that offers the wide range of terms employed by the industry. To make matters worse, maritime industry books end up using technical terms from other scientific areas such as economics, finance, accounting, trade, and so on and so forth which makes the life of the Translator a difficult one.
From the perspective of the Technical Translator, such work demands a broader knowledge as well as the ability to study and carry out research to find out the most appropriate Portuguese term; and hours can be spent in searching for the perfect word!
The idea of having a comprehensive Maritime English – Portuguese Dictionary came into my mind, even though I must be honest that the idea has been there for some time, lingering in the back of my mind. Having the availability of time to do it, I started it so that by the time it is finished (if one can ever say that a dictionary is a finished piece of work) the information is gathered and become a reference for those involved in translation work!
Parede, 18 November 2019
Ana Casaca
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