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This Section aims at providing a wide range of information that the Industry, Leading Academic Scientists, Researchers, Research Scholars, Students and all Interested Stakeholders interested Education and Training. From a structural perspective, this Section is completed, however not finished since it is updated whenever we identify valuable informatio. We welcome all inputs that relate to the contents found in each of the categories sub-categories. We also appreciate that web-page visitors inform us about any broken links.
 About Training | Learning 
Training | Learning Issues Training Courses
Teaching Guides Training | Learning Organisations
Books on Training | Learning Education | Training Statistics
Journals on Training | Learning Teaching Portfolios
Magazines | News Plaforms  
Glossaries on Training | Learning  
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 Course Design and Development
Training Needs Assessment Authoring Tools Software
Training | Learning Design Learning Designer Platform
About Authoring Tools  
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 Types of Training | Learning
About the Types Training | Learning Computer Based Training | Learning
Face-to-Face Training | Learning Synchronous and Asynchronous Training | Learning
Distance Training | Learning Blended Learning (B-Learning)
Digital Training | Learning Flipped Classroom
Electronic Training | Learning Scenario-based Learning
Online Based Training | Learning  
Online Based Training | Learning Issues  
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 Training | Learning Assessment and Feedback
About Training | Learning Assessment Online Training | Learning Assessment
Formative Assessment Blended Training | Learning Assessment
Summative Assessment e-Portfolios
Face-to-Face Training | Learning Assessment Training | Assessment Tools - Quizzing & Testing Tools
Distance Training | Learning Assessment  
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 Training | Learning Evaluation
Engaging and Motivating Students Learning Analytics
Receiving Feedback  
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 Training | Learning Materials
Production of Training | Learning Materials Making and Sharing Podcasts Tools
Making and Sharing Slides Making and Sharing Video and Animations
Making and Sharing Publications (inc. eBooks)​ Making and Sharing Video and Animations​ Tools
Making and Sharing Publications (inc. eBooks) Tools Making and Sharing Courses on any Device
Making and Sharing Activities Making and Sharing iTunes Courses
Making and Sharing Activities Tools Other Useful Technologies
Making and Sharing Podcasts  
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 Training | Learning Delivery
Digital Literacy Serious Gaming
Keeping Safe with Online Teaching Online Learning Communities
Social Media in Training | Learning Online Discussion Forums
Remote Laboratories  
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 Training | Learning Technologies
About Educational Technology Open Educational Resources
Virtual Classroom Issues About Copyright Issues
Virtual Classroom Tools About Online Training | Learning Platforms
Learning Management Systems Online Education Platforms
Open Learning Management Systems Online Short Course Platforms
Closed Learning Management Systems  
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 Training | Learning Technologies in a Maritime Context
Open Education Resources - Logistics & Transport Maritime Projects
Serious Games in Transport and Logistics Maritime Studies
Maritime Training Platforms  
Maritime Training Materials  
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