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Course Design and Developement
 Training Needs Assessment
Aligning teaching for constructing learning (pdf)
Conduct a Training Needs Assessment in Five Easy Steps (Pryor Learning Solutions)
Difference between Competencies and skills (The Peak Performance Center)
How to carry out a training needs assessment
How To Conduct A Training Needs Analysis (EdgePoint Learning)
How to Conduct a Training Needs Analysis (SkillBuilder LMS)
How to Conduct an Effective Training Needs Analysis (Training Industry)
Manual on Training Needs Assessment Needs Assessment (pdf)
Skills vs. competencies – what's the difference, and why should you care? (Viewpoint – careers advice blog)
Skills, Abilities, Knowledge, and Competencies… What's the difference? (Psych Press News)
Top Tools to Writing a Training Needs Assessment
Training and Development: Needs Analysis
Training Needs Assessment Process in 4 Steps (With Questions)
Training Needs Assessment Survey from
What's The Difference Between Skills and Competencies?
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 Training | Learning Design
48 Bloom's Taxonomy Apps for Your Critical Thinking
8 | What are the Characteristics of Effective Teaching?
A Model of Learning Objectives (pdf)
ABC Learning Design – Sprint design your courses and programs in just 90 minutes
ACUE's Effective Practice Framework© - ACUE - Designing an Effective Course
Biggs' structure of the observed learning outcome (SOLO) taxonomy (pdf)
Bloom's Taxonomy | Center for Teaching (Vanderbilt University)
Bloom's Taxonomy of Educational Objectives | The Center for Teaching and Learning (UNC Charlotte)
Choosing action verbs
Concept Mapping and Curriculum Design
Constructive alignment in university teaching (pdf)
Course Design | The Center for Teaching and Learning (UNC Charlotte)
Course Design Guide (Berkeley Center for Teaching & Learning)
Curriculum Design (University of Michigan)
Curriculum design mapping (Federation University Australia)
Design & Teach a Course - Eberly Center (Carnegie Mellon University)
Designing and Evaluating Curriculum
Designing for interaction with peers (Federation University Australia)
Effective Communication Strategies for Designers
Effective Course Design | Center for Teaching & Learning (University of Berkeley)
Framework for Defining Learning Outcomes (Knowledge, Skills, Competence)
Guide to Taxonomies of Learning outcomes (pdf)
Guidelines for Designing an Active Training Program
How to Create an Online Course in 5 Easy Steps
How to Plan and Design Any Online Course
Instructional Approaches: Chapter 2: Instructional Models, Strategies, Methods, And Skills
Instructional Design Models (
Integrated Course Design (pdf)
Intended learning outcomes
Learning Design | Teaching Innovation Unit (University of South Australia)
List of 62 competencies, competency overview with most common competencies (123test)
List of key competencies
Online Learning Insights for Course Designers
Planning your Unit - Teaching & Learning (University of Tasmania)
Principles of Course Design (Queens University)
Principles of Course Design | Theoretical Models (Queens University)
Quadro metodológico para a definição de resultados de aprendizagem (EURspace)
Quando se definem resultados de aprendizagem nos programas curriculares, todos os estudantes devem ser tidos em conta (pdf)
Review of Instructional Design Models Applied to K-12 Learning Environments
Revised Bloom's Taxonomy • Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching (Iowa State University)
Strategies for Effective Lesson Planning | Center for Research on Learning and Teaching (CRLT)
Syllabus Design | Center for Teaching & Learning (University of Berkeley)
Taxonomies of Educational Objective Domain (pdf)
Taxonomies of Educational Objectives | The First Taxonomy of Educational Objectives: Cognitive Domain, The Affective Domain, Revision of the Taxonomy (State University)
The 6 Learning types – ABC Learning Design
The Teacher as Designer: pedagogy in the new media age (pdf)
Uber Bloom's Taxonomy Verb List - Madison Area Technical College
Unit Design - Teaching & Learning (University of Tasmania)
UNSW Learning Outcomes Guide (pdf)
Ways to present content in an online course... (pdf)
What Is Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge? – CITE Journal
Writing Learning Outcomes. A Practical Guide for academics (pdf)
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 About Authoring Tools
10 Elearning Authoring Tools: Comparison and Review
E-Learning Authoring Tools | Centre for Learning & Performance Technologies
Find the best eLearning Authoring Tools (eLearning Industry)
Interactive Authoring Support for Adaptive Educational Systems
The Best 10 eLearning Authoring Tools & Software: Top Picks for 2022 (iSpring)
The Best eLearning Authoring Tools (PCMag)
The Top 12 eLearning Authoring Tools (2020 Update)
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Authoring Tools Software
Adobe Captivate
Articulate 360
Fishtree Solutions
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Learning Designer Platform
Learning Designer
Learning Designer | An Introduction to the Learning Designer (YouTube)
Learning Designer | Short Tutorial
Learning Designer | User Guide | UCL IOE Learning Technologies Unit
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 Home > Contents > Resources HomePage > Training Resources
 Training Needs
 Training | Learning Design
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 Authoring Tools Software
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