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Training | Learning in a Maritime Context
 Open Education Resources - Logistics & Transport
Aviation & Transportation - Open Educational Resources (Lewis University)
Open Education Resources - Logistics & Supply Chain Management (Georgia Southern University)
Open Educational Resources - Logistics and Supply Chain Management (Austin Community College)
Sustainable Urban Freight Transport: A Global Perspective (TU Delft)
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 Serious Games in Transport and Logistics
A serious game in logistics (UTC)
Gamification in freight transportation: extant corpus and future agenda
How 'gamification' can make transport systems and choices work better for us
Logistics Game On!
LogiTycoon - Transport Game
Master Shipper (TU Delft - Gamelab)
Mobility is a serious game - European Transport and Mobility Forum Mobility4EU (Medium)
Mobility is a Serious Game! (Project Website)
Playing Transportation Seriously (pdf)
Port Constructor
Port Endeavor game
Port of the Future Serious Game (Deltares)
Serious games for a serious outcome. Serious games for the logistics sector
Serious Games For Maritime Training - Some Interesting
Serious Games for Maritime Training (MarineLS)
Serious gaming logistics - Dinalog
Serious gaming with shipping companies and rail operators | Port of Rotterdam
Serious Logistic Games - Logistic Workx
SimPort - Wikipedia
Synchro Mania – Design and Evaluation of a Serious Game creating a Mind Shift in Transport Planning
Synchrogaming (TU Delft - Gamelab)
TransOcean – Official Website
Warehouse game simulation K + N
You've Got Freight! – Een serious game about Synchromodaliteit
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 Maritime Training Platforms
ICS Online Academy
Learn@Sea (Marine Society)
Lloyd's Maritime Academy Distance Learning Development and Education Courses
Lloyds Maritime Institute
marinEd GmbH
Maritime Training Academy
Shipping and Commodity Academy
SQLearn Maritime Training
World Maritime Academy
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 Maritime Training Materials
EMSA Capacity Building
EMSA Training Areas
European Coast Guard Functions Academies Network Project
Maritime Knowledge Centre (MaKCs 2020)
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 Maritime Training Projects
MariFuture -European Platform for Maritime Education, Research, and Innovation
Marine Training
Onboard – Development of technical profiles and training curriculum for the ports and logistics’ sector
SKILLFUL - Skills and competences development of future transportation professionals at all levels
SKILLSEA - Future proof skills for the maritime transport sector
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 Maritime Training Studies
Deck Officer Training and Technology: Developing a Critical Approach
The relevance of maritime education and training at the secondary level
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