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Writing Abstracts
 How to write a Regular Abstract
#1: How to write a paper abstract?
3. The Abstract (University of Southern California)
Abstracts - The Writing Center (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)
How to write a good abstract for a scientific paper or conference presentation
How to Write a Research Paper Abstract
How to Write an Abstract - Writing Center (University of Baltimore, Maryland)
How to Write an Abstract (Carnegie Mellon University)
How to Write an Abstract (pdf) (University of Cape Town)
How to Write an Abstract (pdf) (Winthrop University)
How to Write an Abstract for Your Thesis or Dissertation
How to write an Abstract. Tips and samples (pdf)
How to write an abstract: Avoiding six common mistakes
How To Write An Effective Research Abstract (Enago Academy)
Scientific paper writing. Abstract and Extended abstract (pdf)
Write an article abstract (Emerald Publishing)
Writing Abstracts: Writing Guides (Indiana University Bloomington)
Writing an Abstract - The Writing Center (George Mason University)
Writing an abstract (The Australian National University)
Writing an Abstract (University of Adelaide)
Writing an Abstract. Understanding and developing abstracts (pdf)
Writing an Effective Abstract
Writing essays, reviews & reports (University of New England)
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 How to write a Conference Abstract
Doing Science: Writing conference abstracts (European Respiratory Society)
How to Write a Good Abstract for a Conference Paper, by Albrecht Sonntag (University Association for Contemporary European Studies)
Tips for Writing Conference Paper Abstracts (Department of History - North Carolina State University)
Tips on writing an abstract for a conference paper, Ruth Fillery-Travis
Writing a Conference Abstract or Proposal
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 How to write an Extended Abstract
A Guide to Writing Scientific Papers (Extended Abstract)
Advice to Authors of Extended Abstracts
Conference - What is an extended abstract? (Academia Stack Exchange)
Guide to a Successful Extended Abstracts Submission (CHI 2013)
Sample of an Extended Abstract Template (pfd)
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 Websites of Interest
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 Regular Abstract
 Conference Abstract
 Extended Abstract
 Websites of Interest
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