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Conducting Reviews
 About Peer Review
A guide to becoming a peer reviewer (Editor Resources Taylor & Francis)
A Guide to Conducting Reviews: Home (American University of Beirut)
Elsevier for Reviewers
Evaluating Resources: Peer Review
How reviewers become editors
How to become a reviewer and what do editors expect?
How to conduct a review
How to Read a Research Paper (pdf)
How to review a manuscript
Peer Review: About
Peer Review Week (You Tube)
Peer Review: An Introduction: Where to Find Peer Reviewed Sources
Researcher Academy  - Becoming a peer reviewer
Resources for reviewers
Resources for Reviewers
Reviewer Resource Center
Welcome to the PLOS Peer Review Center
Wiley Explore Peer Review Resources
Wiley Peer Review Resource Center
Writing Paper Reviews - that you would be happy to receive (pdf)
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 Reviewing Essays
Assessing Student Writing
Criteria for grading assessed essays (pdf)
Essay Marking Guide
Evaluation Criteria for Formal Essays
Guidelines for Grading An Essay
Types of Assessment Methods
Writing, Reading and Note Making 
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 Reviewing Master Dissertations
Criteria for assessing a Master’s thesis (scale 1-5) (pdf)
Criteria for assessing a Master’s thesis oral presentation (pdf)
Criteria for evaluating Masters and Doctoral theses (pdf)
Evaluation Criteria & Assessment Structure for Master’s Degree Theses and Papers
Evaluation of a Written Thesis 
Evaluation of the Master Thesis
External examiner’s assessment of master’s theses
Guidelines for Master's Thesis Evaluation
Instructions for Master's Thesis: Assessment
Master's Thesis Evaluation Standards
Rules and assessment criteria regarding Master's thesis (pdf)
University-wide criteria for evaluating master’s theses in thefields of engineering (pdf)
What examiners do: what thesis students should know
What You Need To Know About The Criteria For Evaluating A Master's Dissertation
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 Reviewing PhD Thesis
Assessing a doctoral thesis (pdf)
Assessment of the thesis
Criteria for Assessing PhD Thesis (pdf)
Doctoral Degree Application Thesis Assessment Criteria
Doctoral Thesis Assessment Criteria
Guideline for the assessment of a doctoral thesis (pdf)
Guidelines for examiners PhD Thesis assessment report
How to Effectively Referee a Ph.D. Thesis
Procedures for the evaluation of doctoral dissertations
Thesis vs. Dissertation
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 Reviewing Research Papers
Critical Reviews - Introduction to Research - Research Guides (Queen's University)
General Paper Commentary Outline 
Grading Someone Else's Paper - Organizing Academic Research Papers (Sacred Heart University)
How NOT to review a paper. The tools and techniques of the adversarial reviewer (pdf)
How to critique a journal article (pdf)
How to initiate a paper discussion
How to review a paper | Science | AAAS
How To Write A Conference Paper Review
How to Write a Peer Review for an Academic Journal: Six Steps from Start to Finish by Tanya Golash-Boza (PhD2Published)
How to Write a Review of a Scholarly Article (pdf)
PhD Talk: How to review a journal paper
Reviewing a CS conference paper
Reviewing Conference Papers (pdf)
Writing an Effective Manuscript Review: The 6 “Be's” to Success
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 Reviewing Books
Book Review (Massey University)
Book Reviewers (Springer)
Book Reviews // Purdue Writing Lab (Purdue University)
Book Reviews: A Finding Guide - LibGuides (Cornell University)
How to Write a Book Review (Wendy Laura Belcher)
Writing a Book Review - Organizing Academic Research Papers - Research Guides (Sacred Heart University)
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 Reviewing Research/Grant Proposals
4 steps for reviewing grant proposals
Common Proposal Review Mechanisms (pdf)
Conflicts of interest in the review of grant proposals
How to write an effective proposal review
Peer Review of Grant Applications: Criteria Used and Qualitative Study of Reviewer Practices
Research Proposal: First Draft—How to do the peer review 
Reviewing Grant Applications and Manuscripts as a Professional Development Strategy
Reviewing grants can be a painstaking process
Reviewing proposals
Strategies for Analyzing and Assessing Research Proposals
Top Tips: Reviewing a Research Proposal 
What Do Reviewers Like to See in Grant Proposals?
Writing Tips for Grant Reviewers (Saylor Academy)
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 Responding to Peer Reviews
7 features of a good response to reviewers (Tress Academic)
How to Reply to Reviewers? 
How to write a response to the reviewers of your manuscript (European Respiratory Society)
How to write an effective “Response to Reviewers” letter
How to Write an Effective Response Letter to a Journal Editor and Reviewers (pdf)
Responding to Peer Reviewer Comments: A Free Example Letter
Response to Reviewers
Reviewing papers and writing response letters (pdf)
Ten simple rules for writing a response to reviewers
Writing effective response letters to reviewers: Tips and a template
Writing Effective Revision Response Letters, Niklas Elmqvist, Ph.D.
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 Websites of Interest
Web of Science Academy
5 Benefits of becoming a Peer Reviewer for a Journal: Why consider becoming a Journal Reviewer? - A Scholarship
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 About Peer Review
 Review Essays
 Review Master Dissertat.
 Review PhD Thesis
 Review Research Papers
 Review Books
 Review Proposals
 Respond to Peer Reviews
 Websites of Interest
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