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Books on Transport
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 Letters A - F
A Dictionary of Transport Analysis, edited by Kenneth Button, Henry Vega and Peter Nijkamp
A Disaggregate Freight Transport Model for Germany, by Sascha Reiche
A Handbook of Transport Economics, edited by André de Palma, Robin Lindsey, Emile Quinet and Roger Vickerman
Air Cargo Claims, by Rex Tester
Air Transport Liberalization, edited by Matthias Finger and Kenneth Button
Air Transport Management. An international perspective, edited by Lucy Budd and Stephen Ison
Air Transport of Perishable Products, by James F. Thompson
Airline e-Commerce. Log on. Take off, by Michael Hanke
Airline Management. Business Management in Transport 3, by W. S. Barry
An Introduction to Sustainable Transportation. Policy, Planning and Implementation, 2nd ed, by Preston L Schiller and Jeffrey R Kenworthy
Analytical Transport Economics, edited by Jacob B. Polak and Arnold Heertje
Applied Transport Economics: Policy, Management & Decision Making, by Stuart Cole
Benchmarking Intermodal Freight Transport, by OECD (Open Access)
Biofuels for Transport: Global Potential and Implications for Sustainable Energy and Agriculture, by Worldwatch Institute
Carriage of Goods by Sea, Land and Air. Uni-modal and Multi-modal Transport in the 21st Century, edited by Baris Soyer and Andrew Tettenborn
CMR: Contracts for the International Carriage of Goods by Road, 4th ed, by Andrew Messent and David Glass
Competition and Investment in Air Transport. Legal and Economic Issues, by Ruwantissa Abeyratne
Computation and Big Data for Transport. Digital Innovations in Surface and Air Transport Systems, edited by Pedro Diez, Pekka Neittaanmäki, Jacques Periaux, Tero Tuovinen and Jordi Pons-Prats
Computational Methods and Models for Transport. New Challenges for the Greening of Transport Systems, edited by P. Diez, P. Neittaanmäki, J. Periaux, T. Tuovinen and O. Bräysy
Contracts of Carriage by Air, 2nd ed, by Malcolm A. Clarke
Decarbonizing Freight Transport. Acceptance and Policy Implications, by Sarah Pfoser (Open Access)
Developments in Petroleum Science, 18B. Production and Transport of Oil and Gas: Gathering and transportation, by A. Pál Szilas
Dictionary of Maritime and Transportation Terms, by Gerald H. Ullman 
Disruption in the Infrastructure Sector. Challenges and Opportunities for Developers, Investors and Asset Managers, edited by Stefano Gatti and Carlo Chiarella
Dry Ports – A Global Perspective. Challenges and Developments in Serving Hinterlands, edited by Rickard Bergqvist, Gordon Wilmsmeier and Kevin Cullinane
Dryports – Local Solutions for Global Transport Challenges. A study by the Institute Labour and Economy (IAW) of the University of Bremen, by Manuel Kühn, Karsten Seidel, Jochen Tholen and Günter Warsewa
ECMT Round Tables Transport and Economic Development, European Conference of Ministers of Transport (Open Access)
Economic Role of Transport Infrastructure. Theory and Models, 1st ed, Claudio Ferrari, Anna Bottasso, Maurizio Conti and Alessio Tei
Energy, Transportation and Global Warming, edited by Panagiotis Grammelis
Environmental External Costs of Transport, by Rainer Friedrich
Experimenting for Sustainable Transport. The Approach of Strategic Niche Management, by Remco Hoogma, Rene Kemp, Johan Schot, Bernhard Truffer (Open Access)
Freight Forwarder's Intermediary Role in Multimodal Transport Chains. A Social Network Approach, by Hans-Joachim Schramm
Freight Transport Modeling in Emerging Countries (A volume in World Conference on Transport Research Society), edited by Ioanna Kourounioti, Lóránt Tavasszy and Hanno Friedrich
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 Letters G - L
Globalized Freight Transport. Intermodality, E-Commerce, Logistics and Sustainability, edited by Thomas R. Leinbach and Cristina Capineri
Green Transportation and Energy Consumption in China, by Jian Chai, Ying Yang, Quanying Lu, Limin Xing, Ting Liang, Kin Keung Lai and Shouyang Wang
Green Transportation Logistics. The Quest for Win-Win Solutions, edited by Harilaos N. Psaraftis
Handbook of Transportation Policy and Administration, edited by Jeremy Plant
Handbook on Green Infrastructure: Planning, Design and Implementation, edited by Danielle Sinnett, Nick Smith and Sarah Burgess
Handbook on Transport and Development, edited by Robin Hickman, Moshe Givoni, David Bonilla and David Banister
Handbook on Transport and Urban Transformation in China, edited by Chia-Lin Chen, Haixiao Pan, Qing Shen and James J. Wang
Hub Cities in the Knowledge Economy: Seaports, Airports, Brainports, by Ben Derudder and Frank Witlox
Inequality on Transport, by David Banister
Inland Waterway Transport. Challenges and Prospects, by Bart Wiegmans and Rob Konings 
Institutional Challenges to Intermodal Transport and Logistics. Governance in Port Regionalisation and Hinterland Integration, by Jason Monios
Institutional Reform of Air Navigation Service Providers. A Historical and Economic Perspective, by Ricardo Rui Neiva
Integrated Transport: From Policy to Practice, edited by Moshe Givoni and David Banister
Integrating Europe’s Infrastructure Networks. The Political Economy of the European Infrastructure System, by Colin Turner
Intelligent Freight Transportation, by Petros A. Ioannou
Intelligent Infrastructure in Transportation and Management. Proceedings of i-TRAM 2021, edited by Jiten Shah, Shriniwas S. Arkatkar and Pravin Jadhav 
Intelligent Transport Systems, edited by Roger R. Stough
Intelligent Transportation Systems: From Good Practices to Standards, edited by Paolo Pagano
Intelligent Transportation Systems: Smart and Green Infrastructure Design, 2nd ed, by Sumit Ghosh and Tony S. Lee
Intermodal Freight Transport Institutional Aspects, by OECD (Open Access)
Intermodal Maritime Security. Supply Chain Risk Mitigation, edited by Gary Gordon and Richard Young
International Carriage of Goods by Road: CMR, 6th ed, by Malcolm A. Clarke
International Encyclopedia of Transportation, edited by Roger Vickerman
Introduction to Transport Policy. A Public Policy View, by Peter Stopher and John Stanley
Land, Sea or Air?, by M. D. Hobkirk
Liberalization in Aviation: Competition, Cooperation and Public Policy, edited by Hartmut Wolf, Peter Forsyth, David Gillen, Kai Hüschelrath and Hans-Martin Niemeier
Logistics Transportation Systems, by M D Sarder
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 Letters M - R
Managing a Transport Business. Business Management in Transport 2, by W. S. Barry
Managing Transport Operations, by Edmund J Gubbins
Means of Transportation and Registration of Nationality: Transportation Registered by International Organizations, by Vincent P. Cogliati-Bantz
Modern Trends and Research in Intermodal Transportation, edited by Aleksander Sładkowski 
Multimodal Transport Law, by Michiel Spanjaart
Multimodal Transport Security. Frameworks and Policy Applications in Freight and Passenger Transport, edited by Joseph S. Szyliowicz, Genserik L.L. Reniers and Dawna L. Rhoades
Multi-objective Management in Freight Logistics. Increasing Capacity, Service Level, Sustainability, and Safety with Optimization Algorithms, by Massimiliano Caramia and Paolo Dell’Olmo
Operational Aspects of Multimodal Transport, by UNESCAP (Open Acccess)
Pricing and Cost Recovery in Long Distance Transport, by David Starkie, M. R. Grenning and M. M. Starrs
Principles of Transport Economics, by Emile Quinet and Roger Vickerman
Public Transport. Its Planning, Management and Operation, 6th ed, by Peter R. White
Rail Economics, Policy and Regulation in Europe, edited by Matthias Finger and Pierre Messulam
Railway Transportation in South Asia. Infrastructure Planning, Regional Development and Economic Impacts, edited by Saptarshi Mitra, Sumana Bandyopadhyay, Stabak Roy and Tomaz Ponce Dentinho 
Recent Developments in Transport Modelling: Lessons for the Freight Sector, edited by Moshe E. Ben-Akiva, Hilde Meersman and Eddy Voorde
Research in Transportation Economics Volume 08. Economic Impacts of Intelligent Transportation Systems, edited by E Bekiaris and Y J Nakanishi
Research in Transportation Economics Volume 09. Road Pricing, edited by Georgina Santos
Research in Transportation Economics Volume 10. Transportation Labor Issues and Regulatory Reform, edited James Peoples and Wayne Talley
Research in Transportation Economics Volume 11. Interurban Road Charging for Trucks in Europe, edited by José Viegas
Research in Transportation Economics Volume 13. Global Competition in Transportation Markets, edited by Adib Kanafani and Katsuhiko Kuroda
Research in Transportation Economics Volume 14.  Measuring the Marginal Social Cost of Transport, edited by Christopher Nash, Bryan Matthews
Research in Transportation Economics Volume 20. Railroad Economics, edited by Scott Dennis and Wayne Talley
Rethinking the Silk Road. China’s Belt and Road Initiative and Emerging Eurasian Relations, edited by Maximilian Mayer
Risk and Liability in Air Law, George Leloudas
Routledge Library Editions: Transport Economics, Various
Routledge Revivals: The Atlas of British Railway History (1985), by Michael Freeman and Derek Aldcroft
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 Letters S - Z
Safely Transporting Hazardous Liquids and Gases in a Changing U.S. Energy Landscape,
Securing the Belt and Road Initiative. Risk Assessment, Private Security and Special Insurances Along the New Wave of Chinese Outbound Investments, edited by Alessandro Arduino and Xue Gong
Security and Environmental Sustainability of Multimodal Transport, edited by Michael Bell, Solmaz Haji Hosseinloo and Urszula Kanturska
Smart Transportation Systems 2020. Proceedings of 3rd KES-STS International Symposium, edited by Xiaobo Qu, Lu Zhen, Robert J. Howlett, Lakhmi C. Jain
Sustainable and Efficient Transport. Incentives for Promoting a Green Transport Market, edited by Ellen Eftestøl-Wilhelmsson, Suvi Sankari and Anu Bask
Sustainable Freight Transport. Theory, Models, and Case Studies, edited by  Vasileios Zeimpekis, Emel Aktas, Michael Bourlakis, Ioannis Minis
Sustainable Transportation: Indicators, Frameworks, and Performance Management, by Henrik Gudmundsson, Ralph P. Hall, Greg Marsden, and Josias Zietsman
The Economics and Political Economy of Transportation Security, by Kenneth Button
The Economics of Transport, edited by Herbert Mohring
The Economics of Urban Transportation, 2nd ed, by Kenneth A. Small, Erik T. Verhoef and Robin Lindsey
The Environment and Transport, edited by Yoshitsugu Hayashi, Kenneth Button and Peter Nijkamp
The Full Costs and Benefits of Transportation: Contributions to Theory, Method and Measurement, edited by David L. Greene, Donald W. Jones and Mark A. Delucchi
The Fundamentals of Management. Business Management in Transport 1, by W. S. Barry
The Future of Automated Freight Transport: Concepts, Design and Implementation, edited by J. W. Konings, Hugo Priemus and Peter Nijkamp
The Future of Intermodal Freight Transport. Operations, Design and Policy, edited by Rob Konings, Hugo Priemus and Peter Nijkamp
The Geography of Transport Systems, 5th ed, by Jean-Paul Rodrigue, Claude Comtois and Brian Slack
The Political Economy of Aerospace Industries. A Key Driver of Growth and International Competitiveness, by Keith Hartley
The Routledge Companion to Air Transport Management, edited by Nigel Halpern and Anne Graham
The SAGE Handbook of Transport Studies, edited by Jean-Paul Rodrigue, Theo Notteboom and Jon Shaw
The Sustainability of Air Transportation: A Quantitative Analysis and Assessment, by Milan Janić
The Transport System and Transport Policy. An Introduction, edited by Bert van Wee, Jan Anne Annema and David Banister
Transition Towards Sustainable Mobility: The Role of Instruments, edited by Harry Geerlings, Yoram Shiftan and Dominic Stead
Transport and Developing Countries, by David Hilling
Transport and Development, by B. S. Hoyle
Transport and Environment: In Search of Sustainable Solutions, edited by Eran Feitelson and E. T. Verhoef
Transport and Ethics. Ethics and the Evaluation of Transport Policies and Projects, by Bert van Wee
Transport and the industrial city. Manchester and the canal age, 1750–1850, by Peter Maw
Transport Economics Research and Policymaking, International Transport Forum
Transport Economics, 4th ed, by Kenneth Button
Transport Economics, by Tae Hoon Oum
Transport Infrastructure, edited by Roger R. Stough, Roger Vickerman, Kenneth Button and Peter Nijkamp
Transport Investment and Economic Development, by David Banister and Joseph Berechman
Transport Issues and Problems in Southeastern Europe, edited by Caralampo Focas
Transport Lessons from the Fuel Tax Protests of 2000, edited by Gleen Lyons and Kiron Chatterjee
Transport Logistics, edited by Alan McKinnon, Kenneth Button and Peter Nijkamp
Transport Networks in Europe, edited by Kenneth Button, Peter Nijkamp and Hugo Priemus
Transport Nodal System, by Adolf Ng, Changmin Jiang, Paul Larson, Barry Prentice and David Duval
Transport Policy and the Environment, edited by David Banister
Transport Policy and the Environment. Six Case Studies, edited by Jean-Philippe Barde and Kenneth John Button
Transport Policy, edited by Kenneth Button and Roger R. Stough
Transport Policy: Geographic, Economic, and Planning Aspects, by Patrick Edmund O'Sullivan
Transport Revolutions. Moving People and Freight Without Oil, 2nd ed, by Richard Gilbert and Anthony Perl
Transport Systems and Delivery of Cargo on East–West Routes, edited by Aleksander Sładkowski
Transport Systems and Policy. Selected Essays of Peter Nijkamp, Volume 2, by Peter Nijkamp
Transport, Trade and Economic Growth - Coupled or Decoupled? edited by BMW Group
Transport. An Economics and Management Perspective, by David A. Hensher and Ann M. Brewer
Transportation Engineering. Theory, Practice and Modeling, by Dušan Teodorović and Milan Janić
Transportation Planning, edited by Yoran Shiftan, Kenneth Button and Peter Nijkamp
Transportation Security, by Clifford Bragdon
Transportation, Knowledge and Space in Urban and Regional Economics, edited by Kakuya Matsushima and William P. Anderson
Transportation: A Global Supply Chain Perspective, 9th ed, by Robert A. Novack, Brian Gibson, Yoshinori Suzuki, John J. Coyle
Transportation-Logistics Dictionary, editor Joseph L. Cavinato
Urban Transportation Economics, by Kenneth A. Small
When Trucks Stop Running. Energy and the Future of Transportation, by Alice J. Friedemann
Women in Infrastructure, edited by Peggy Layne and Jill S. Tietjen
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 Conference Proceedings
Activities of Transport Telematics. 13th International Conference on Transport Systems Telematics, TST 2013, Katowice-Ustron, Poland, October 23--26, 2013. Proceedings, edited by Jerzy Mikulski
Australasian Transport Research Forum Conference Papers
European Transport Conference Proceedings
Proceedings of the Eastern Asia Society for Transportation Studies
Sustainable Rail Transport. Proceedings of RailNewcastle Talks 2016, edited by Marin Marinov
Telematics in the Transport Environment. 12th International Conference on Transport Systems Telematics, TST 2012, Katowice-Ustron, Poland, October 10--13, 2012, Selected Papers, edited by Jerzy Mikulski
Transport Infrastructure and Systems. Proceedings of the AIIT International Congress on Transport Infrastructure and Systems (Rome, Italy, 10-12 April 2017), edited by Gianluca Dell'Acqua and Fred Wegman
Transportation Research Forum Listing of Annual Fora
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The Geography of Transport Systems
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