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Main Commodities Organisations - Grain and Feed
International Feed Industry Federation
International Grains Council
International Maritime Fumigation Organization 
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ADHB Cereals and Oilseeds (formerly HGCA)
Association of Specialty Feed Ingredients and their Mixtures
Committee of Cereals, Oilseeds, Animal Feed, Olive Oil, Oils and Fats and Agro-Supply Trade (Comité du Commerce des céréales, aliments du bétail, oléagineux, huile d'olive, huiles et graisses et agrofournitures)
European Feed Manufacturers' Federation, The
European Seed Association
Federation of Oils Seeds and Fats Association
Grain and Animal Feed Association
Grain and Feed Trade Association
International Grain Trade Coalition
International Milling Association
Netherlands Oils, Fats and Oilseeds Trade Association
Northern Ireland Grain Trade Association
Royal Dutch Grain and Feed Trade Association (Het Comité), The
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African Seed Trade Association
Animal Feed Manufacturers Association
Eastern African Grain Council
Grain Council of Uganda, The
Grain South Africa
Seed Trade Association of Kenya
South African Cereals and Oilseeds Trade Association
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 FSU & Middle East
Iran Feed Industry Association
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Asian Rice Trade Fund
China Cereals and Oils Association
China Feed Industry Association
Compound Feed Manufacturers Association, The
India Pulses and Grains Association
Japan Feed Manufacturers Association
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Australian Oilseeds Federation
Feed Ingredients & Additives Association of Australia
Grain Industry Association of Western Australia
Grain Industry Association of Western Australia Trade Council
Grain Producers Australia
New Zealand Feed Manufacturers Association
New Zealand Grain & Seed Trade Association
Stock Feed Manufacturers’ Council of Australia
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 North America
American Association of Grain Inspection & Weighing Agencies
American Feed Industry Association
American Seed Trade Association
American Soybean Association
Animal Nutrition Association of Canada
Association of Grain Regulatory Officials
BC Grain Producers Association
California Grain & Feed Association
California Wheat Commission
Canadian Seed Trade Association
Corn Refiners Association
Georgia Feed and Grain Association
Grain and Feed Association of Illinois
Grain Elevator and Processing Society
Idaho Grain Producers Association
Illinois Wheat Association
International Association of Operative Millers
International Wheat Gluten Association
Kansas Grain & Feed Association
Louisiana Cotton and Grain Association
Manitoba Wheat and Barley Growers Association
Minnesota Grain and Feed Association
Montana Grain Elevator Association
National Association of Wheat Growers
National Grain and Feed Association
Nebraska Grain & Feed Association
North American Export Grain Association
North Carolina Small Grain Growers Association, Inc.
North Dakota Grain Dealers Association
Northern Grain Growers Association
Oklahoma Grain & Feed Association
Oklahoma Wheat Commission
Ontario Agri Business Association
Oregon Feed and Grain Association, Inc
Pacific Northwest Grain and Feed Association
Small Grains
South Dakota Grain & Feed Association
Southeastern Grain & Feed Association
Texas Grain and Feed Association
Texas Wheat
United States  Soybean Export Council
United States Durum Growers Association
United States Grains Council
United States Wheat Associates
Virginia Grain Producers Association
Western Canadian Wheat Growers Association
Whole Grains Council, The
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 Latin America
Associação Brasileira dos Produtores de Sementes de Soja
Brazilian Feed Industry Association (Sindicato Nacional da Indústria de Alimentação Animal)
Latin American and Caribbean Feed Industry Association
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 Websites of Interest
Australasian Grain Science Association
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 FSU & Middle East
 North America
 Latin America
 Websites of Interest
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