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Minor Commodities Organisations
 Cement and Aggregates Organisations
American Concrete Institute 
Michigan Aggregates Association
National Industrial Sand Association
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 Agricultural Products Organisations
American Peanut Council
Asian Pacific and Coconut Community
East African Tea Trade Association
European Association of Sugar Traders
European Cocoa Association
European Coffee Federation
European Fruit and Vegetables Trade Association
European Sugar Refineries Association
Federation of Cocoa Commerce London, The
Fine Chocolate Industry Association
German Cocoa Trade Association
German Tea Association
Horticultural Trades Association
Illinois Soybean Association
Indian Tea Association
International Cocoa Organization, The
International Coffee Organization
International Seaweed Association
Louisiana Cotton and Grain Association
National Coffee Association
Refined Sugar Association
Rubber Manufacturers Association
Rubber Trade Association of Europe
Specialty Coffee Association
Sugar Association of London, The
Sugar Association, The
Swiss Coffee Trade Association
Tea Trade Association of Malaysia
Thai Tapioca Trade Association 
Tobacco Manufacturers' Association
World Cocoa Foundation
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 Animal Products Organisations
ApiTrade Africa
Canadian Meat Council
Cattle Council of Australia
European Association of Dairy Trade
International Wool Textile Organisation
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 Other Fuels Organisations
Asian Clean Fuels Association
Petroleum & Biofuels Association
Renewable Fuels Association
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 Vegetable Oils Organisations
Cámara de la Industria Aceitera de la República Argentina
European Palm Oil Alliance
European Vegetable Oil and Proteinmeal Industry in Europe
Malaysian Palm Oil Council
National Federation of Oil Palm Growers of Colombia
American Fats and Oils Association
American Palm Oil Council
Asociacion Argentina de Grasa y Aceites
Associação Brasileira das Indústrias de Óleos Vegetais
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 Wooden Products Organisations
BC Lumber Trade Council
European Timber Trade Federation, The
International Tropical Timber Organization
International Wood Products Association
Timber Trade Federation
Timber Trade Portal - Gateway to International Timber Trade
United States Industrial Pellet Association
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 Natural Fibres Organisations
International Cotton Association
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 Websites of Interest
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 Home > Contents > Resources HomePage > Relevant Organisations
 Cement and Aggregates
 Agricultural Products
 Animal Products
 Other Fuels
 Vegetable Oils
 Wooden Products
 Natural Fibres
 Websites of Interest
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