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Manufactured Goods Organisations
 Aviation Industry Organisations
Aerospace Industries Association
General Aviation Manufacturers Association
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 Automobile Industry Organisations
Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers
American Gear Manufacturers Association
Connected Vehicle Trade Association
Engine Manufacturers Association
European Automobile Manufacturers' Association 
German Association of the Automotive Industry
Korea Automobile Manufacturers Association
Motor & Equipment Manufacturers Association
North American Automobile Trade Association
Northwest Indiana Auto Trade Association
Semiconductor Industry Association
Society of Indian Automobile Manufactures
Society of Motor Manufacturers & Traders
Society of the Irish Motor Industry
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 Equipment related Organisations
American Boiler Manufacturers Association
Association of Equipment Manufacturers
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
Valve Manufacturers Association
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 Apparel and Textile Organisations
Industrial Fabrics Association International
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 Other Goods Organisations
Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry
BioIndustry Association
Biotechnology Industry Association
Can Manufacturers Institute
International Water Association
Satellite Industry Association
Technology Services Industry Association
Telecommunications Industry Association
Toy Industry Association
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 Websites of Interest
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 Home > Contents > Resources HomePage > Relevant Organisations
 Aviation Industry
 Automobile Industry
 Equipment related
 Apparel and Textile
 Other Organisations
 Websites of Interest
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