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Rail Transport Organisations
Intergovernmental Organisation for International Carriage by Rail
International Air Rail Organisation
International Association of Railway Operations Research
International Heavy Haul Association
International High-speed Rail Association
International Organisation of Overhead Catenary Engineers
International Rail Transport Committee
International Union of Public Transport
International Union of Railways
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Association of European Rail Agents
Association of Railway Executives
Association of Railway Training Providers Ltd.
Association of the Czech Railway Industry
Association of the European Railway Industry
Association of Train Operating Companies
Association of Transport Operators
Community of European Railway & Infrastructure Companies
Danish Railway Association (In Danish: Den Danske Banekonference)
European Association for Railway Interoperability
European Federation of Railway Trackworks Contractors
European Passengers' Federation
European Rail Contractors
European Rail Freight Association
European Rail Freight Customers Platform
European Rail Industry
European Rail Infrastructure Managers
European Rail Research Network of Excellence
European Rail Traffic Management System
European Railway Research Advisory Council
European Railway Wheels Association
Fédération des industries ferroviaires
Foundation for Railway Infrastructure Development
GART (Association of Transport Authorities)
German Association of Railway Engineers
German Railway Industry
Heritage Railway Association
Institution of Railway Signal Engineers
International Union of Combined Road-Rail Transport Companies
International Union of Private Wagons
Italian Association of Railway Electrical Industries
Italian Railway Certification and Safety Organisation
NB-Rail Association
Nordic Association of Railway Professionals
Nord-Pas de Calais Railway Industry Association
Rail Alliance
Rail Delivery Group
Rail Freight Group
Rail Industry Fire Association
Rail Research UK Association
Railforum Netherlands
Railway Civil Engineers Association
Railway Employees & Public Transport Association
Railway Engineers & Executives Association
Railway Industry Association
Railway Study Association
Spanish Association of Railway Equipment Manufacturers and Exporters
Swedish Rail Industry Group
Swiss Union of Public Transport
Swissrail Export Association
Tarka Rail Association
Union of European Railway Engineer Associations
Young Railway Professionals
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Heritage Railway Association of Southern Africa
International Heavy Haul Association
New Partnership for Africa's Development
Railroad Association of South Africa
Southern African Railways Association 
Union of African Railways
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 FSU & Middle East
Iranian Association of Rail Transport Engineering
UIC Middle East
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Association of Japanese Private Railways
China Acadamy of Railway Sciences
High Speed Surface Transport
Japan Overseas Railway System Association
Korea Railway Association
Korean Railroad Research Institute
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Association of Tourist and Heritage Railways Australia
Australasian Railway Association
Australian Railway Industry Corporation
Rail Track Association Australia
Railway Technical Society of Australasia
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 North America
Alliance for Rail Competition
American Association of Private Railroad Car Owners, Inc.
American Association of Railroad Superintendents
American Public Transit Association
American Railway Development Association
American Railway Engineering & Maintenance of Way Association
American Short Line and Regional Railroad Association
American Train Dispatchers Association
Arizona Rail Passenger Association
Association of American Railroads
Association of Independent Passenger Rail Operators
Association of Regional Railways of Canada
Association of State Rail Safety Program Managers
Association of Tourist Railroads & Railway Museums
Association of Train Operating Companies
Austin Steam Train Association
Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers and Trainmen
California High Speed Rail Authority
California Short Line Railroad Association
Canadian Association of Railway Suppliers
Canadian Railway Museum
Canadian Urban Transit Association 
Colorado Rail Passenger Association 
Florida High Speed Rail
HeritageRail Alliance (formerly the Association of Tourist Railroads and Railway Museums)
Indiana Passenger Rail Association
Iowa Association of Railroad Passengers
Massachusetts Railroad Association
Mechanical Association Railcar Technical Services
Michigan Association of Railroad Passengers
Michigan Railroads Association
Midwest Association of Rail Shippers
Midwest High Speed Rail 
Minnesota Regional Railroads Association
National Railroad Construction and Maintenance Association
National Railway Historical Society
New Jersey Short Line Railroad Association
North American Rail Shippers
North American Railcar Operators Association
North East Association of Rail Shippers
Northwest Ohio Passenger Rail Association
Oregon Rail Heritage Foundation
Pacific Northwest Association of Rail Shippers
Port Terminal Railroad Association
Rail Passengers Association
Railway Association of Canada
Railway Association of North Carolina
Railway Engineering-Maintenance Suppliers Association
Railway Interchange
Railway Supply Institute
Railway Systems Suppliers
Railway Tie Association
Southeast Association of Rail Shippers
Southwest Association of Rail Shippers
Southwest Rail Passenger Association
Toronto Railway Historical Association
US High Speed Rail Association
West Coast Railway Association
Western Canada Rail Network Association
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 Latin America
Argentina Railways Institute
Association of Latin American Metros
Latin American Association of Underground Networks & Subways
Latin American Railway Association
National Association of Railway Transport
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