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Education and Research Organisations
 The Organisations
Alaska Marine Safety Education Association
Association of African Maritime Training Institutes
Australian Marine Sciences Association
Confederation of European Maritime Technology Societies (formerly West European Confederation of Maritime Techology Societies)
Eastern Asia Society for Transportation Studies
EUROFLEETS: Towards an Alliance of European Research Fleets
EuroMarine Network
European Council for Maritime Applied R&D
European Factories of the Future Research Association: Center of Maritime Technologies
European Marine Board
European Network of Marine Research Institutes & Stations
Global Maritime Education & Training Association (formerly Association of Maritime Education and Training Institutions in Asia-Pacific)
International Association of Aquatic and Marine Science Libraries and Information Centres
International Association of Maritime Institutions
International Association of Maritime Universities
International Marine Simulator Forum
International Maritime English Conference
International Maritime Lecturers Association
Japan Ship Technology Research Association
Marine Education Society of Australasia
Marine Society
Marine Teachers Association of Queensland 
Maritime Association for Research and Innovation
Maritime Institute of Eastern Mediterranean
Maritime Skills Alliance
National Marine Educators Association
Peninsula Research Institute for Marine Renewable Energy
Scottish Association for Marine Science
Society of Insurance Research, The 
Turkish Maritime Education Foundation
Vessels for the Future
WEGEMT-A European Association of Universities in Marine Technology and Related Sciences
Youth Maritime Training Association
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 Websites of Interest
Edu Maritime
Global Business School Network
IAMU Institutional DataBase Project
Institute for Maritime and Ocean Affairs,  The
Japan Transport Research Institute
Krylov State Research Centre
MareNet, the worldwide Network of Marine Research Institutions and Documents
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 Home > Contents > Resources HomePage > Maritime Organisations
 The Organisations
 Websites of Interest
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