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World of Shipping Portugal Research Resources
This Section aims at providing information about Research Methodologies of interest to the numerous Stakeholders including the Industry, Leading Academic Scientists, Researchers, Research Scholars and Students that conduct research work in the field of Maritime Economics. If information is missing from some Sections, it is because we are in the process of gathering the information. Thank you for your comprehension!
 Basic Writing Knowlege
Academic Skills Resources Paraphrasing Resources
Academic Writing Resources Avoiding Plagiarism
About Referencing  
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 About Writing and Presenting
Writing Abstracts Writing Books
Writing Essays Writing Proposals and Reports
Writing Research Papers Making Presentations
Writing Literature Reviews Website Development
Writing Theses  
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 About Publishing
Publishing Information Publishers' Websites
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 Dealing with Conferences and Journals
Organising Conferences Establishing Journals
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 Conducting Research and Reviews
About Conducting Research Software Packages
Research Methodology Books on Research Methods
Gathering Data Conducting Reviews
Qualitative Data Analysis Academic Publications (Repositories)
Quantitative Data Analysis Open Libraries and Databases
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 Maritime Information
Maps, Flags, Time Calculators and Distances Maritime Information
Weights, Measures, Currencies and Others Maritime Videos
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 Writing and Presenting
 About Publishing
 Conferences & Journals
 Research & Reviews
 Maritime Information
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