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Gathering Data
 About Gathering Data
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 Field Research
10.1 Field Research: What Is It and When to Use It?
Chapter 2. Why Do Field Research (pdf)
Field research
What is Field Research?
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 Desk Research
Desk Research - Methodology and Techniques
Desk research: the what, why and how
Formulating a Framework for Desktop Research in Chinese Information Systems
How To Get Information For Next To Nothing
Secondary Research - Definition, Methods and Examples (QuestionPro)
The Beginner’s Guide to Desk Research | by Zita Fontaine | Better Marketing (Medium)
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 Gathering Data
18.4 Online Surveys: Gathering Data
4. Collect and analyze your data
6. What is involved in collecting data – six steps to success
7 Data Collection Methods & Tools For Research
Appendix A: Methods and Tools for Gathering Data (pdf)
Basic Tools for Data Collection (pdf)
Data Collection
Data Collection Methods
Data Collection Methods
Data Collection Methods
Data Collection Methods
Data Collection Techniques 
Data Collection: How to Get Started
Data Gathering Methods
Design: Selection of Data Collection Methods
How to… Collect data
Step 5: Collect Data
Survey Research
What Are the Methods of Data Collection?
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 Gathering Primary and Secondary Data
5 Traditional Methods of Primary Data Collection
Different Ways of Collecting Primary Data
Primary data and secondary data
Primary Data Collection Methods
Primary Data vs. Secondary Data: Market Research Methods
Primary or secondary data analysis: which method should you choose?
Primary Research Methods Explained
Primary Sources of Data and Secondary Sources of Data
Secondary Data Collection Methods
Types of Research: Primary vs Secondary
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 Designing a Questionnaire
Deciding on the Scale Granularity of Response Categories of Likert type Scales: The Case of a... by Academic Conferences and Publishing International - Issuu
Likert Examples (pdf)
Likert Scale Response Anchors
Likert-Scale Examples (pdf)
Questionnaire Design Process
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 Preparing an Interview
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Find Statistical Data (Auckland University Technology)
Finding Statistical Information (Lane Community College)
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 Finding Statistical Data
Find Statistical Data (Auckland University of Technology)
Finding Statistical Information (Lane Community College)
Statistics & Data - Research Guides (University of Southern California)
Trade & Industry - Find Statistical Data (Auckland University of Technology)
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 Statistical Information / Statistics Databases
American Statistical Association
American Statistical Association Section Interest Groups
Equasis - The world merchant fleet (European Maritime Safety Agency)
Eurostat on Maritime Regions
Eurostat on Transport
Eurostat Transport Database
Global Port Tracker
International Maritime Organisation Maritime Facts and Figures
International Maritime Statistics Forum
International Road Federation Statistics
Iron & Steel Statistics Bureau
Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) Statistics
Our World in Data
Our World in Data - World Population Growth
Statista Water Transport
The World FactBook
TradeData International
UNCTAD Statistics
UNCTAD Statistics Country Profile
UNCTAD Statistics Data Centre
UNCTAD Statistics Infograph
UNCTAD Statistics Maritime Country Profile
United Kingdom Maritime and Shipping Statistics
United Nations Data
United Nations Statistics Division
United States Census Bureau Foreign Trade Statistics
United States Data and Statistics
United States Maritime Administration (MARAD) Data Statistics
World Bank Open Data
World Bank's Open Data Initiative, The
World Trade Organisation Statistics
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 Websites of Interest
About Research Data Management - RDM (Auckland University of Technology)
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 Home > Contents > Resources HomePage > Research Resources
 About Gathering Data
 Field Research
 Desk Research
 Gathering Data
 Primary/Secondary Data
 Designing Questionnaire
 Preparing Interview
 Finding Statistical Data
 Statistical Information
 Websites of Interest
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