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Books on Economic Geography
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 Letters A - F
An Economic Geography of Oil (Routledge Revivals), by Peter R. Odell
Applied Evolutionary Economics and Economic Geography, edited by Koen Frenken
Development, Geography, and Economic Theory, by Paul R. Krugman
Economic Geography (Routledge Library Editions: Economic Geography), by B. W. Hodder and Roger Lee
Economic Geography and Public Policy, by Richard Baldwin, Rikard Forslid, Philippe Martin, Gianmarco Ottaviano and Frederic Robert-Nicoud
Economic Geography and the Unequal Development of Regions, by Jean-Claude Prager and Jacques François Thisse
Economic Geography, by William Peter Anderson
Economic Geography: A Contemporary Introduction, by Neil Coe, Philip Kelly and Henry W. C. Yeung
Economic Geography: Factors Influencing the Location of Economic Activity, by Vengalil A. Janaki
Economic Geography: Past, Present and Future, by Sharmistha Bagchi-Sen and Helen Lawton-Smith
Economic Geography: The Integration of Regions and Nations, by Pierre-Philippe Combes, Thierry Mayer and Jacques-François Thisse
Economic Strategies for Mature Industrial Economies, edited by Peter Karl Kresl
Evolutionary Economic Geography: Location of Production and the European Union, by Miroslav Jovanovic
Firms’ Location Selections and Regional Policy in the Global Economy, edited by Toshiharu Ishikawa
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 Letters G - L
Handbook of Industry Studies and Economic Geography, edited by Frank Giarratani, Geoffrey J. D. Hewings and Philip McCann
Handbook of Research Methods and Applications in Economic Geography, edited by Charlie Karlsson, Martin Andersson and Therese Norman
Introduction to Economic Geography: Globalization, Uneven Development and Place, by Danny MacKinnon and Andrew Cumbers
Key Concepts in Economic Geography, by Yuko Aoyama, James T. Murphy and Susan Hanson
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 Letters M - R
Multinational Firms' Location and the New Economic Geography, edited by Jean Louis Mucchielli and Thierry Mayer
New Directions in Economic Geography, edited by B. Fingleton
Producing Prosperity: An Inquiry into the Operation of the Market Process, by Randall Holcombe
Regional Connection under the Belt and Road Initiative. The Prospects for Economic and Financial Cooperation, edited by Fanny M. Cheung and Ying-yi Hong
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 Letters S - Z
Spatial Location of Firms and Industries: Is Local Superior to Global?, by Miroslav N. Jovanović
The Changing Economic Geography of Globalization, by Giovanna Vertova
The Economic Geography of Air Transportation: Space, Time, and the Freedom of Sky, by John T. Bowen
The Economic Geography of Innovation, edited by Karen R. Polenske
The Geography of Small Firm Innovation, by Grant Black
The Geography of the World Economy, by Paul Knox, John A Agnew and Linda Mccarthy
The Handbook of Evolutionary Economic Geography, edited by Ron Boschma and Ron Martin
The International Encyclopedia of Geography: People, the Earth, Environment, and Technology
The New Introduction to Geographical Economics, by Steven Brakman, Harry Garretsen and Charles van Marrewijk
The New Oxford Handbook of Economic Geography, edited by Gordon L. Clark, Maryann P. Feldman, Meric S. Gertler and Dariusz Wójcik
The Oxford Handbook of Economic Geography, by Gordon L. Clark, Meric S. Gertler and Maryann P. Feldman
The Routledge Companion to the Geography of International Business, edited by Gary Cook, Jennifer Johns, Frank McDonald, Jonathan Beaverstock and Naresh Pandit
The SAGE Handbook of Economic Geography, edited by Andrew Leyshon, Roger Lee, Linda McDowell and Peter Sunley
The Spatial Market Process, edited by David Emanuel Andersson
The Third Oil Shock (Routledge Revivals).The Effects of Lower Oil Prices, by Joan Pearce
The Wiley-Blackwell Companion to Economic Geography, edited by Trevor J. Barnes, Jamie Peck and Eric Sheppard
Theory of Location of Industries, by Alfred Weber
World Development Report 2009: Reshaping Economic Geography, by World Bank
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