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Books on Climate Change Economics
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 Letters A - F
A Dictionary of Climate Change and the Environment. Economics, Science, and Policy, by R. Quentin Grafton
An Introduction to Climate Change Economics and Policy, by Felix FitzRoy and Elissaios Papyrakis
Climate Change and Aviation. Issues, Challenges and Solutions, edited by Stefan Gössling and Paul Upham
Climate Change and Economic Development: SEA Regional Modelling and Analysis, by Sardar M.N. Islam and Jamie Sanderson
Climate Change and International Trade, by Rafael Leal-Arcas
Climate Change Economics and Policy: An RFF Anthology, edited by Michael A. Toman
Climate Change Economics. Why International Accords Fail, by G. Cornelis van Kooten
Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation Strategies for Coastal Communities, by Walter Leal Filho
Climate change in Brazil : economic, social and regulatory aspects, by IPEA
Climate Change in the 21st Century, by Stewart J. Cohen and Melissa W. Waddell
Climate Change Risks and Adaptation Linking Policy and Economics: Linking Policy and Economics, by OECD
Climate Change, Climate Science and Economics: Prospects for an Alternative Energy Future, by G. Cornelis van Kooten
Distributional Impacts of Climate Change and Disasters. Concepts and Cases, edited by Matthias Ruth and María E. Ibarrarán
Economic Evaluation of Climate Change Impacts: Development of a Cross-Sectoral Framework and Results for Austria, edited by Karl W. Steininger, Martin König, Birgit Bednar-Friedl, Lukas Kranzl, Wolfgang Loibl and Franz Prettenthaler
Economics and Management of Climate Change: Risks, Mitigation and Adaptation, edited by Bernd Hansjürgens and Ralf Antes
Economics and Policy Issues in Climate Change, by William D. Nordhaus
Economics of Climate Change and Environmental Policy: Selected Papers of Robert N. Stavins, 2000-2011, by Robert N. Stavins
Economics of Climate Change in East Asia, by Asian Development Bank
Economics of Climate Change: The Contribution of Forestry Projects, by Wolfram Kägi
Energy Climate and Change, by IEA
EU Climate Change Policy. The Challenge of New Regulatory Initiatives, edited by Marjan Peeters
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 Letters G - L
Global Climate Change, by Sharon L. Spray and Karen Leah McGlothlin
Global Climate Change. The Science, Economics and Politics. New Horizons in Environmental Economics Series, edited by James M. Griffin
Handbook on Energy and Climate Change, edited by Roger Fouquet
International Climate Protection, edited by Michael Palocz-Andresen, Dóra Szalay, András Gosztom, László Sípos and Tímea Taligás
International Trade and Climate Change: Economic, Legal, and Institutional Perspectives, by World Bank
Law and Economics of International Climate Change Policy, by R. Schwarze
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 Letters M - R
Managing the Global Commons: The Economics of Climate Change, by William D. Nordhaus
Negotiating Climate Change. A Forensic Analysis, by Aynsley Kellow
Perspectives on Climate Change: Science, Economics, Politics, Ethics, by Walter Sinnott-Armstrong and Richard B. Howarth
Research Handbook on Climate Change and Trade Law, edited by Panagiotis Delimatsis
Routledge Handbook of the Economics of Climate Change Adaptation, edited by Anil Markandya, Ibon Galarraga and Elisa Sainz de Murieta
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 Letters S - Z
The Economic Consequences of Climate Change, by OECD
The Economics and Politics of Climate Change, by Dieter Helm
The Economics and Politics of Climate Change, by Robert William Hahn
The Economics of Climate Change and the Change of Climate in Economics, edited by Kevin Maréchal
The Economics of Climate Change Policies: Macroeconomic Effects, Structural Adjustments and Technological Change, by Rainer Walz and Joachim Schleich
The Economics of Climate Change: Adaptations Past and Present, by Gary D. Libecap and Richard H. Steckel
The Economics of Climate Change: The Stern Review, by Nicholas Stern, Great Britain. Treasury
The Economics of Climate Change: Volume I Report, by Great Britain. Parliament. House of Lords. Select Committee on Economic Affair
The Governance of Climate Change, edited by David Held, Marika Theros and Angus Fane-Hervey
The International Politics of Climate Change, edited by Aynsley Kellow and Sonja Boehmer-Christiansen
The Long-term Economics of Climate Change: Beyond a Doubling of Greenhouse Gas Concentrations, edited by Darwin C. Hall and Richard B. Howarth
Trends in Climate Change Legislation, edited by Alina Averchenkova, Sam Fankhauser and Michal Nachmany
Valuing Climate Change: The Economics of the Greenhouse, by Samuel Fankhauser
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 Letters A - F
 Letters G - L
 Letters M - R
 Letters S - Z
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