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Books on Maritime Transport
21st-Century Maritime Silk Road Initiative. Aims and Objectives, Implementation Strategies and Policy Recommendations, edited by Jianglin Zhao
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 Letters A - F
A Guide to Ship Repair Estimates in Man-hours, 2nd ed, Don Butler 
A Liner Shipping Network Design. Routing and Scheduling Considering Environmental Influences, by Volker  Windeck
Advances in Maritime Economics, edited by R. O. Goss
Advances in Maritime Logistics and Supply Chain Systems, edited by Ek Peng Chew, Loo Hay Lee and Loon Ching Tang
Advances in Shipping Data Analysis and Modeling. Tracking and Mapping Maritime Flows in the Age of Big Data, edited by César Ducruet
America's Marine Highways: Elements and Benefits of Waterway Transportation, edited by Rafael Pelletier
An Assessment of maritime trade and technology, edited by Barry Leonard
An Introduction to Bunkers Operations, by Nigel Draffin
Analysis of the competitive position of short sea shipping: Development of policy measures, by C. Peeters, A. Verbeke, E. Declercq and N. Wijnolst
Analysis of the containership chartermarket 1983-1992: In relation to the design characteristics of containerships, by N. Wijnolst and M. E. C. Hoek
Analysis of the Panamax bulk carrier charter market 1989-1994 in relation to the design characteristics, by N. Wijnolst and M. Bartelds
Arctic Marine Sustainability. Arctic Maritime Businesses and the Resilience of the Marine Environment, edited by Eva Pongrácz, Victor Pavlov and Niko Hänninen
Arctic Shipping. Climate Change, Commercial Traffic and Port Development, edited by Frédéric Lasserre and Olivier Faury
Artificial Intelligence and Autonomous Shipping. Developing the International Legal Framework, edited by Baris Soyer and Andrew Tettenborn
Autonomous Ships and the Law, edited by Henrik Ringbom, Erik Røsæg, Trond Solvang
Bareboat Charter (Ship) Registration, by Ademuni-Odeke
Branch's Elements of Shipping, 9th ed, by Alan Edward Branch and Michael Robarts
British Shipping and World Competition, by S G Sturmey
British Tramp Shipping, 1750-1914, by Robin Craig
Cargo Handling and Stowage. A Guide for Loading, Handling, Stowage, Securing, and Transportation of Different Types of Cargoes, Except Liquid Cargoes and Gas, by Peter Grunau
Challenges of Modernization and Governance in South Korea. The Sinking of the Sewol and Its Causes, by Jae-Jung Suh and Mikyoung Kim
Chartering Manual by Practitioners, by Th. Pagonis and N. Pentheroudakis
Charterparties. Law, Practice and Emerging Legal Issues, edited by Barış Professor Soyer and Andrew Tettenborn
China’s Maritime Silk Road Initiative and South Asia. A Political Economic Analysis of its Purposes, Perils, and Promise, edited by Jean-Marc F.  Blanchard
China's Maritime Silk Road Initiative and Southeast Asia. Dilemmas, Doubts, and Determination, edited by Jean-Marc F. Blanchard
China's Maritime Silk Road Initiative, Africa, and the Middle East. Feats, Freezes, and Failures, edited by Jean-Marc F. Blanchard
Classification Societies. Competition and Regulation of Maritime Information Intermediaries, by Felix Goebel
Coal Carriage by Sea, 2nd ed, Phil Rogers, John Strange and Brian Studd
Coastal Shipping and the European Economy, 1750–1980, by John Armstrong and Andreas Kunz
Commercial Ship Surveying: On/Off Hire Condition Surveys and Bunker Surveys, by Harry Karanassos
Commercial Shipping Handbook, 3rd ed, Peter Brodie
Container Logistics: The Role of the Container in the Supply Chain, by Rolf Neise
Contemporary Container Security, by Girish Gujar, Adolf K. Y. Ng and Zaili Yang
Contemporary Marine and Maritime Policy, edited by Jingjing Xu
Corporate Social Responsibility in the Maritime Industry, edited by  Lisa Loloma Froholdt
Creating Global Opportunities: Maersk Line in Containerisation 1973-2013, by Chris Jephson and Henning Morgen
Cruise Business Development. Safety, Product Design and Human Capital, edited by Alexis Papathanassis
Cruise Sector Growth. Managing Emerging Markets, Human Resources, Processes and Systems, edited by Alexis Papathanassis
Cruise Tourism and Society. A Socio-economic Perspective, edited by Alexis Papathanassis, by Tihomir Lukovic and Michael Vogel
Culture Shock in Maersk Line: From Entrepreneurs and Kings to Modern Efficiency, by Lars Jensen
Current Issues in Maritime Economics, edited by K. M. Gwilliam
Current Issues in Shipping, Ports and Logistics, edited by Theo Notteboom
Current Maritime Issues and the International Maritime Organization, edited by John Norton Moore, Myron H. Nordquist
Danish Shipping in the 21st Century. Navigating Troubled Waters, by Martin Jes Iversen and Jesper Buhl
Deep Sea and Foreign Going, by Rose George
Design Innovation in Shipping: The only constant is change, by N. Wijnolst and F. A. J. Waals
Developments in Maritime Transport and Logistics in Turkey, Mahmut Celal Barla, Osman Kamil Sag and Richard Gray
Dictionary of Shipping Terms, 6th ed, Peter Brodie
Dictionary of Shipping Terms. French-English and English-French, 2nd ed, Peter Brodie
Domestic Factors behind China's Response to the Maritime Disputes in Maritime Cooperation in Semi-Enclosed Seas, by Feng Zhu and Na Chang
Dynamic Shipping and Port Development in the Globalized Economy. Volume 1: Applying Theory to Practice in Maritime Logistics, by edited by Paul Tae-Woo Lee and Kevin Cullinane
ECMT Round Tables.  Short-Sea Shipping in the Economy of Inland Transport in Europe. Report of the Sixtieth Round Table on Transport Economics Held in Paris on 1-2 April 1982, by OECD
ECMT Round Tables. Short Sea Shipping. Report of the Eighty-Ninth Round Table on Transport Economics Held in Paris on 26-27 September 1991, by OECD
Econometric Modelling of World Shipping, by M. Beenstock and A. Vergottis
Economic Regulation of the Container Shipping Industry. Theoretical and legal perspectives, by Rawindaran Nair
Economics and Logistics in Short and Deep Sea Market. Studies in honor of Guido Grimaldi Founder Grimaldi Group, edited by Ennio Forte
Encyclopedia of Maritime and Offshore Engineering
Energy Efficiency Clauses in Charter Party Agreements. Legal and Economic Perspectives and their Application to Ocean Grain Transport, by George Adamantios Psarros
Economics of Maritime Business, by Shuo Ma
Economics of Shipping Practice and Management, by A. E. Branch
Farthing on International Shipping, by Proshanto K. Mukherjee and Mark Brownrigg
Flag State Responsibility: Historical Development and Contemporary Issues, by John N. K. Mansel
Flagging Standards. Globalization and Environmental, Safety, and Labor Regulations at Sea, by Elizabeth R. DeSombre
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 Letters G - L
Geographies of Maritime Transport. Transport, Mobilities and Spatial Change, edited by Gordon Wilmsmeier and Jason Monios
Giants of the Sea. Ships and Men who Changed the World, by John D. McCown, Jr.
Global Maritime Transport and Ballast Water Management. Issues and Solutions, edited by Matej David, Stephan Gollasch
Global Shipping in Small Nations. Nordic Experiences after 1960, edited S. Tenold, M. Jes Iversen and E. Lange
Governance of Arctic Shipping. Rethinking Risk, Human Impacts and Regulation, edited by Aldo Chircop, Floris Goerlandt, Claudio Aporta and Ronald Pelot
Governance, Policy and Juxtaposition. A Maritime Perspective, by Michael Roe
Grain Carriage by Sea, by Tom Sewell
Green Shipping Management, by Y.H.V. Lun, K.-h. Lai, C.W.Y. Wong and T.C.E. Cheng
Hamburg Studies on Maritime Affairs, Volume 01. The Liberalization of Maritime Transport Services. With Special Reference to the WTO/GATS Framework, by Benjamin Parameswaran
Hamburg Studies on Maritime Affairs, Volume 02. Third-Party Liability of Classification Societies. A Comparative Perspective, by Jürgen Basedow, Wolfgang Wurmnest
Hamburg Studies on Maritime Affairs, Volume 05. Compulsory Insurance and Compensation for Bunker Oil Pollution Damage, by Ling Zhu
Hamburg Studies on Maritime Affairs, Volume 09. The Liability of Classification Societies, by Nicolai I Lagoni
Hamburg Studies on Maritime Affairs, Volume 10. Pollution of the Sea - Prevention and Compensation, edited by Jürgen Basedow and Ulrich Magnus
Hamburg Studies on Maritime Affairs, Volume 12. The Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Sea, by Meltem Deniz Güner-Özbek
Hamburg Studies on Maritime Affairs, Volume 13. Particularly Sensitive Sea Areas. The IMO's Role in Protecting Vulnerable Marine Areas, by Markus J. Kachel
Hamburg Studies on Maritime Affairs, Volume 16. The Hamburg Lectures on Maritime Affairs 2007 & 2008, edited by Jürgen Basedow, Ulrich Magnus, Rudiger Wolfrum
Hamburg Studies on Maritime Affairs, Volume 17. Liner Conferences in Competition Law. A Comparative Analysis of European and Chinese Law, by Hongyan Liu
Hamburg Studies on Maritime Affairs, Volume 19. Jurisdiction and Arbitration Clauses in Maritime Transport Documents. A Comparative Analysis, by Felix Sparka
Hamburg Studies on Maritime Affairs, Volume 22. Wilful Misconduct in International Transport Law, by Duygu Damar
Hamburg Studies on Maritime Affairs, Volume 23. The Hamburg Lectures on Maritime Affairs 2009 & 2010, edited by Jürgen Basedow, Ulrich Magnus and Rudiger Wolfrum
Hamburg Studies on Maritime Affairs, Volume 24. European Ship Recycling Regulation. Entry-Into-Force Implications of the Hong Kong Convention, by Urs Daniel Engels
Hamburg Studies on Maritime Affairs, Volume 26. Port State Jurisdiction and the Regulation of International Merchant Shipping, by Bevan Marten
Hamburg Studies on Maritime Affairs, Volume 28. The Hamburg Lectures on Maritime Affairs 2011-2013, edited by Jürgen Basedow, Ulrich Magnus and Rüdiger Wolfrum
Hamburg Studies on Maritime Affairs, Volume 32. Civil Liability for Accidents at Sea, by Sarah Fiona Gahlen
Hamburg Studies on Maritime Affairs, Volume 33. Judicial Sales of Ships. A Comparative Study, by Lief Bleyen
Hamburg Studies on Maritime Affairs, Volume 33. The Carrier's Liability for Deck Cargo. A Comparative Study on English and Nordic Law with General Remarks for Future Legislation, by Lina Wiedenbach
Hamburg Studies on Maritime Affairs, Volume 34. International Maritime Labour Law, by Laura Carballo Piñeiro
Hamburg Studies on Maritime Affairs, Volume 36. Judicial Sales of Ships. A Comparative Study, by Lief Bleyen
Handbook of Ocean Container Transport Logistics. Making Global Supply Chains Effective, edited by Lee Chung-Yee and Qiang Meng
HSBA Handbook on Ship Finance, edited by Orestis Schinas, Carsten Grau and Max Johns
Human Resource Management in Shipping. Issues, Challenges, and Solutions, by Lijun Tang and Pengfei Zhang
India's Maritime Strategy. Balancing Regional Ambitions and China, by Shishir Upadhyaya
Illustrated Dictionary of Cargo Handling, 4th ed, Peter Brodie
India-China Maritime Competition. The Security Dilemma at Sea, edited by Rajesh Basrur, Anit Mukherjee and T.V. Paul
Innovation in forest products shipping; the reels-on-wheels system, by N. Wijnolst and R. Van der Lugt
Innovation in shortsea shipping: Self-loading and -unloading unitload shipsystems (S-curve shift in the handling of unitloads), by N. Wijnolst, H. B.Van der Hoeven, C. J. Kleijwegt and A. Sjöbris
Innovations in Shipping, by Peter Lorange
Interaction on the Maritime Silk Road: From the Persian Gulf to the East China Sea, edited by Ralph Kauz
International Commercial and Marine Arbitration, by Georgios I. Zekos
International Handbook of Maritime Business, edited by Kevin Cullinane
International Handbook of Maritime Economics, edited by Kevin Cullinane
International Marine Organizations. Essays on Structure and Activities, by Kamil A. Bekiashev and Vitali V. Serebriakov
International Maritime Organisations and their Contribution towards a Sustainable Marine Development, edited by Peter Ehlers and Rainer Lagoni
International Maritime Transport Cost. Market Structures and Network Configurations, by Gordon Wilmsmeier
International Maritime Transport: Perspectives, edited by Heather Leggate, James McConville and Alfonso Morvillo
International Ocean Shipping: Current Concepts and Principles, by Bernhard J. Abrahamsson
Introduction to Marine Cargo Management, 2nd ed, Mark Rowbotham
Liner Ship Fleet Planning. Models and Algorithms, by Tingsong Wang, Shuaian Wang and Qiang Meng
Liner Shipping 2025: How to survive and thrive, by Lars Jensen
Liner Shipping Economics, by Jan Jansson
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 Letters M - R
Management of Shipping Companies, by Ioannis Theotokas
Managing Human Resources in the Shipping Industry, edited by Jiangang Fei
Managing Maritime Safety, edited by Helle A. Oltedal and Margareta Lützhöft
Marine Encyclopaedic Dictionary, 6th ed, by Eric Sullivan
Maritime Economics and Business. Asian perspectives, edited by Okan Duru
Maritime Economics, 3rd ed, by Martin Stopford
Maritime Economics. A Macroeconomic Approach, by E. Karakitsos and L. Varnavides
Maritime Economics. Critical Concepts in Economics, edited by Wayne Talley
Maritime Governance and Policy-Making, by Michael Roe
Maritime Governance. Speed, Flow, Form Process,  by Michael Roe
Maritime Informatics, edited by M. Lind, M. Michaelides, R. Ward and R Watson
Maritime Liabilities in a Global and Regional Context, edited by Barış Soyer and Andrew Tettenborn
Maritime Logistics Value in Knowledge Management, by Eon-Seong Lee and Dong-Wook Song
Maritime Logistics: Contemporary Issues, by Dong-Wook Song and Photis M. Panayides
Maritime Networks. Spatial structures and time dynamics, edited by César Ducruet
Maritime Psychology. Research in Organizational & Health Behavior at Sea, edited by Malcolm MacLachlan
Maritime Supply Chains, edited by Thierry Vanelslander and Christa Sys
Maritime Transport and Regional Sustainability, edited by Adolf K.Y. Ng, Jason Monios and Changmin Jiang
Maritime Transport and the Climate Change Challenge, edited by Regina Asariotis and Hassiba Benamara
Maritime Transport, edited by G. Passerini, S. Ricci
Maritime Transport, edited by Mary R. Brooks, Kenneth Button and Peter Nijkamp
Maritime Transport: Shipping Logistics and Operations, by Ulla Tapaninen
Maritime Transportation: Safety Management and Risk Analysis, by Svein Kristiansen
Maritime Wideband Communication Networks. Video Transmission Scheduling, Tingting Yang and Xuemin Sherman Shen
Maritime Women: Global Leadership, edited by Momoko Kitada, Erin Williams and Lisa Loloma Froholdt
Marketing of Shipping Companies, by Evi Plomaritou Paraskevi
Metaheuristics for Maritime Operations, by S. Mahdi Homayouni and Dalila B. M. M. Fontes
Modeling, Computing and Data Handling Methodologies for Maritime Transportation, edited by Charalampos Konstantopoulos and Grammati  Pantziou
Modelling and Forecasting in Dry Bulk Shipping,  by Shun Chen, Hilde Meersman, Eddy Van de Voorde and Koos Frouws
Multi-Criteria Decision Making in Maritime Studies and Logistics. Applications and Cases, edited by Paul Tae-Woo Lee and Zaili Yang
Multimodal shortsea transport coastal superhighway; indispensable (and free) link in the European transport network, by N. Wijnolst, A. Sjöbris, C. Peeters, A. Verbeke, E. Declerq and T. Schmitter
Ninety Percent of Everything: Inside Shipping, the Invisible Industry That Puts Clothes on Your Back, Gas in Your Car, and Food on Your Plate, by Rose George
Norwegian Shipping in the 20th Century. Norway's Successful Navigation of the World's Most Global Industry, by Stig Tenold
Oil Transport Management, by Y.H.V. Lun, O.-P. Hilmola, A.M. Goulielmos, K.-h. Lai and T.C.E. Cheng
Optimizing Liner Shipping Fleet Repositioning Plans, by Kevin Tierney
Outside the Box. How Globalization Changed from Moving Stuff to Spreading Ideas, by Marc Levinson
Piracy at Sea, edited by Jr. Mejia, Q. Maximo, Chie Kojima and Mark Sawyer
Places of Refuge for Ships: Emerging Environmental Concerns of a Maritime Custom, edited by Aldo E. Chircop and Olof Lindén
Prevention of Pollution of the Marine Environment from Vessels. The Potential and Limits of the International Maritime Organisation, Md Saiful Karim
Principles of Chartering, 3rd ed, by Photis M. Panayides
Professional Ship Management: Marketing and Strategy, Photis M. Panayides
Protectionism and the Future of International Shipping: The Nature, Development and Role of Flag Discriminations and Preferences, Cargo Reservations and Sabotage Restrictions, State Intervention and Maritime Subsidies, by Ademuni-Odeke 
Report on China's Cruise Industry, edited by Hong Wang
Report on the Development of Cruise Industry in China (2019), by Hong Wang
Research in Transportation Economics Volume 12. Shipping Economics, edited by Kevin Cullinane
Research in Transportation Economics Volume 21. Maritime Transport: The Greek Paradigm, edited by Athanasios A. Pallis
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 Letters S - Z
Seafarers' Rights in the Globalized Maritime Industry, by Desislava Nikolaeva Dimitrova and Roger Blanpain
Seafarers’ Rights in China. Restructuring in Legislation and Practice Under the Maritime Labour Convention 2006, by Pengfei Zhang
Ship Operations, New Risks, Liabilities and Technologies in the Maritime Sector, edited by Baris Soye and Andrew Tettenborn
Shipbroking and Chartering Practice, 8th ed, Evi Plomaritou and Anthony Papadopoulos
Shipping and Economic Growth 1350-1850, edited by Richard W. Unger
Shipping and Globalization in the Post-War Era. Contexts, Companies, Connections, edited by Niels P. Petersson, Stig Tenold and Nicholas J. White
Shipping and Logistics Management, by Yuen Ha (Venus) Lun, Kee Hung Lai and TCE  Cheng
Shipping and Ports in the Twenty-first Century, edited by David Pinder and Brian Slack
Shipping and the Environment. Improving Environmental Performance in Marine Transportation, by K. Andersson, S. Brynolf, J. F. Lindgren and M. Wilewska-Bien
Shipping and Transport Logistics, edited by Y. H. Venus Lun and T. C. Edwin Cheng
Shipping Business Unwrapped. Illusion, Bias and Fallacy in the Shipping Business, by Okan Duru
Shipping Derivatives and Risk Management, by A. Alizadeh and N. Nomikos
Shipping Economics, by S. Sturmey
Shipping in Arctic Waters. A comparison of the Northeast, Northwest and Trans Polar Passages, by W. Østreng, K.M. Eger, B. Fløistad, A. Jørgensen-Dahl, L. Lothe,  M. Mejlaender-Larsen and T. Wergeland
Shipping in the Baltic Region, edited by Michael Roe
Shipping in Turkey. A Marketing Analysis of the Passenger Ferry Sector, by Funda Yercan and Michael Roe
Shipping Industry Structure, by Niko Wijnolst, Frans Waals
Shipping Operations Management, edited by I. D.Visvikis and P. M. Panayides
Shipping, by Niko Wijnolst and Tor Wergeland
Short Sea Shipping in the Age of Sustainable Development and Information Technology, edited by Tiago Santos and Carlos Guedes Soares
Steel Carriage by Sea, 5th ed, Arthur Sparks
Strategic Management in the Maritime Sector: A Case Study of Poland and Germany (Plymouth Studies in Contemporary Shipping and Logistics), by Michael Roe
Strategies for Asia-Pacific Shipping, by Jeff Hawkins and Richard Gray
Sustainable Shipping in a Changing Arctic, edited by Lawrence P. Hildebrand, Lawson W. Brigham and Tafsir M. Johansson
Sustainable Shipping. A Cross-Disciplinary View, edited Harilaos N. Psaraftis
The Blackwell Companion to Maritime Economics, edited by Wayne K. Talley
The Box How the Shipping Container Made the World Smaller and the World Economy Bigger, 2nd ed, by Marc Levinson
The Business of Shipping, edited by Lane C. Kendall
The Business of Shipping, 9th ed, by Ira Breskin
The Common EU Maritime Transport Policy. Policy Europeanisation in the 1990s, by Athanasios A. Pallis
The Due Diligence in Maritime Transportation in the Technological Era, by Víctor Hugo Chacón
The Dynamics of Short Sea Shipping. New Practices and Trends, by S. Papadimitriou, D. V. Lyridis, I. Koliousis, V. Tsioumas, E. Sdoukopoulos and P. J. Stavroulakis
The Geography of Sea Transport, by Alastair Couper
The Handbook of Maritime Economics and Business, 2nd ed, edited by Costas Grammenos
The Human Element in Container Shipping, Burkhard Lemper, by Thomas Pawlik and Susanne Neumann
The International Handbook of Shipping Finance. Theory and Practice, by Manolis G. Kavussanos and I. D. Visvikis
The ISM Code: A Practical Guide to the Legal and Insurance Implications, 3rd ed, by Phil Anderson
The Liberalization of Maritime Transport Services. With Special Reference to the WTO/GATS Framework, by Benjamin Parameswaran
The Maritime Dimension of Sustainable Energy Security, by Kapil Narula
The Nationality of Ships, by Herman Meyers
The Other Car Workers. Work, Organisation and Technology in the Maritime Car Carrier Industry, by E. Kahveci and T. Nichols
The Packaging User’s Handbook, by Frank A. Paine
The Petroleum Shipping Industry: Operations and practices, Volume 2, by Michael D. Tusiani
The Routledge Handbook of Maritime Management, edited by Photis M. Panayides
The World of Shipping, edited by David M. Williams
The World of the Seafarer - Qualitative Accounts of Working in the Global Shipping Industry, edited by Victor Oyaro Gekara and Helen Sampson
The World's Key Industry: History and Economics of International Shipping, edited by Gelina Harlaftis, Jesús Valdaliso and Stig Tenold
Third Party Protection in Shipping, by Carlo Corcione
Towards Green Marine Technology and Transport, edited by Carlos Guedes Soares, Roko Dejhalla and Dusko Pavletic
Trends and Challenges in Maritime Energy Management, edited by Akut I. Ölçer, M. Kitada, D. Dalaklis and F. Ballini
Unmanned and Autonomous Ships. An Overview of MASS, R. Glenn Wright
Voyages on the Northern Sea Route, by Tadeusz Pastusiak
WMU Studies in Maritime Affairs, edited by Jr. Mejia, Q. Maximo, Akut I. Ölçer and Jens-Uwe Schröder-Hinrichs
World Shipping and Port Development, edited by Paul Tae-Woo Lee and Kevin Cullinane
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Shipping Books (Institute of Chartered ShipBrokers)
The Maritime Industry Knowledge Centre
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