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Books on Maritime Safety and Environmental Issues
 Maritime Safety
Managing Maritime Safety, edited by Helle A. Oltedal and Margarera Lützhöft
Maritime Casualties: Causes and Consequences, by Capt. Tuuli Messer-Bookman
Maritime Safety in Europe. A Comparative Approach, by Justyna Nawrot and Zuzanna Pepłowska-Dąbrowska
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 Maritime Environmental Issues
Enforcing International Maritime Legislation on Air Pollution through UNCLOS, by Jesper Jarl Fanø
Great Lakes Shipping, Trade, and Aquatic Invasive Species, Special Report 291 (2008), by NAP
Handbook on Marine Environment Protection. Science, Impacts and Sustainable Management, edited by Markus Salomon and Till Markus
IMO 2020: A Regulatory Tsunami, by Pablo Rodas-Martini
International Marine Environmental Law and Policy, edited by Daud Hassan and Saiful Karim
Marine Pollution Control. Legal and Managerial Frameworks, by Iliana Christodoulou-Varotsi
Marine Resource Damage Assessment. Liability and Compensation for Environmental Damage, edited by F. Maes
Oil Pollution in the Baltic Sea, edited by Andrey G. Kostianoy and Olga Yu Lavrova
Oil Pollution in the North Sea, edited by Angela Carpenter
The Sulphur Cap in Maritime Supply Chains. Environmental Regulations in European Logistics, by Olli-Pekka Hilmola
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 Maritime Safety
 Maritime Environmental
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