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Books on Seaports
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 Letters A - F
African Seaports and Maritime Economics in Historical Perspective, edited by Ayodeji Olukoju and Daniel Castillo Hidalgo
Asian Container Ports Development, Competition and Co-operation, edited by K. Cullinane and Dong-Wook Song
Climate Change and Adaptation Planning for Ports, edited by Adolf K. Y. Ng, Austin Becker, Stephen Cahoon, Shu-Ling Chen, Paul Earl and Zaili Yang
Commercial Development of Regional Ports as Logistics Centres, edited by United Nations. Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific
Container Handling in Automated Yard Blocks. An Integrative Approach Based on Time Information, by Filip Covic
Container Port Production and Economic Efficiency, by T. Wang, K. Cullinane and Dong-Wook Song
Container Port Production and Management, by Bo Lu and Shouyang Wang
Container Terminals and Automated Transport Systems. Logistics Control Issues and Quantitative Decision Support, edited by Hans-Otto Günther and Kap Hwan Kim
Critical Factors for Berth Productivity in Container Terminal, by Bo Lu and Shouyang Wang
Current Issues in Port Logistics and Intermodality, edited by Theo Notteboom
Design and Practice of Cruise Ports, by Zekun Cheng, Lei Gong and Chen Li
Digital Management of Container Terminal Operations, by Ning Zhao, Yuan Liu, Weijian Mi, Yifan Shen and Mengjue Xia
Dry Ports – A Global Perspective. Challenges and Developments in Serving Hinterlands, edited by Rickard Bergqvist, Gordon Wilmsmeier and Kevin Cullinane
Dynamic Shipping and Port Development in the Globalized Economy. Volume 2: Emerging Trends in Ports, edited by Paul Tae-Woo Lee and Kevin Cullinane
Ecology of Marine Ports of the Black and Azov Sea Basin, by Alexander Vinogradov, Yuliya Bogatova and Ivan Synegub
Elements of Port Operation and Management, by Alan E. Branch
Essays on Port Economics, by Pablo Coto-Millán, Miguel Angel Pesquera and Juan Castanedo
Essays on Strategy Analysis for Seaports, by Elvira Haezendonck
European Port Cities in Transition. Moving Towards More Sustainable Sea Transport Hubs, edited by Angela Carpenter and Rodrigo Lozano
European Seaports Law: The Regime of Ports and Port Services Under European Law and the Ports Package, edited by E. van Hooydonk
Factors Influencing Port Terminal Automation in the Fourth Industrial Revolution: A Case Study of Durban, by Indira Padayachee and John Mukomana
Future Challenges for the Port and Shipping Sector, by Hilde Meersman, Eddy Van De Voorde and Thierry Vanelslander
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 Letters G - L
Green Ports. Inland and Seaside Sustainable Transportation Strategies, edited by Rickard Bergqvist and Jason Monios
Global Port Cities in North America. Urbanization Processes and Global Production Networks, by Boris Vormann
Handbook of Terminal Planning, 2nd ed, edited by Jürgen W. Böse
Handbook of Terminal Planning, edited by Jürgen W. Böse
Hub Cities in the Knowledge Economy. Seaports, Airports, Brainports, edited by Sven Conventz, Ben Derudder, Alain Thierstein and Frank Witlox
Infrastructure Investment in Indonesia: A Focus on Ports, edited by Colin Duffield, Felix Kin Peng Hui and Sally Wilson
Integrating Seaports and Trade Corridors, edited by Peter Hall, Robert J. McCalla and Brian Slack
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 Letters M - R
Maritime Container Port Security. USA and European Perspectives, by Xufan Zhang and Michael Roe
Maritime-Port Technology and Development, edited by Sören Ehlers, Bjorn Egil Asbjornslett, Ornulf Jan Rodseth and Tor Einar Berg
Planning and Scheduling for Maritime Container Yards. Supporting and Facilitating the Global Supply Network, by Wenkai Li, Colin Jones and Mark Goh
Port and Harbour Engineering, edited by Adrian Jarvis
Port Business, by Thierry Vanelslander and Christa Sys
Port Cities and Global Legacies: Urban Identity, Waterfront Work, and Radicalism, by A. Mah
Port Cities in Asia and Europe, edited by Arndt Graf and Chua Beng Huat
Port Cities. Dynamic Landscapes and Global Networks, edited by Carola Hein
Port Cybersecurity. Securing Critical Information Infrastructures and Supply Chains, by Nineta Polemi
Port Designer's Handbook, 4th ed, by Carl A. Thoresen
Port Development and Competition in East and Southern Africa. Prospects and Challenges, by Martin Humphreys, Aiga Stokenberga, Matias Herrera Dappe, Atsushi Iimi and Olivier Hartmann
Port Economics, 2nd ed, by Wayne K. Talley
Port Economics, by Jan Owen Jansson and Dan Shneerson
Port Geography and Hinterland Development Dynamics. Insights from Major Port-cities of the Middle East, by Mina Akhavan
Port Infrastructure Finance, edited by Hilde Meersman, Eddy Van de Voorde and Thierry Vanelslander
Port Management and Operations, 3rd ed, by Giuseppe Saieva
Port Management and Operations, by Maria G. Burns
Port Management, edited by Hercules Haralambides
Port Management. Cases in Port Geography, Operations and Policy, by Stephen Pettit and Anthony Beresford
Port Operations, Planning and Logistics, by Khalid Bichou
Port State Control, 2nd ed, by Oya Ozcayir
Port Towns and Urban Cultures. International Histories of the Waterfront, c.1700—2000, edited by Brad Beaven, Karl Bell and Robert James
Port-Cities and their Hinterlands. Migration, Trade and Cultural Exchange from the Early Seventeenth-Century to 1939, edited by Robert Lee
Port-city development in China: Handbook on Transport and Urban Transformation in China, edited by Chia-Lin Chen, Haixiao Pan, Qing Shen and James J. Wang
Port-City Interplays in China, by James Jixian Wang
Port-Focal Logistics and Global Supply Chains, by Adolf Ng and John Liu
Ports and Networks: Strategies, Operations and Perspectives, edited by Harry Geerlings, Bart Kuipers and Rob Zuidwijk
Ports and the Environment. Maritime Policy and Management, edited by Meifeng Luo and Tsz Leung Yip
Ports in Proximity. Competition and Coordination among Adjacent Seaports, edited by Theo Notteboom, César Ducruet and Peter de Langen
Ports, Cities, and Global Supply Chains, edited by James Wang, Daniel Olivier, Theo Notteboom and Brian Slack
Principles of Port Management, by Peter de Langen, Theo Notteboom and Athanasios Pallis
Privatization and Regulation of the Seaport Industry, by Lourdes Trujillo and Gustavo Nombela
Prostitution and Social Control in Eighteenth-Century Ports, by Marion Pluskota
Research in Transportation Economics Volume 16. Port Economics, edited by Kevin Cullinane and Wayne Talley
Research in Transportation Economics Volume 17. Devolution, Port Governance and Port Performance, edited by Mary Brooks and Kevin Cullinane
Risk Management in Port Operations, Logistics and Supply Chain Security, and Khalid Bichou, Michael Bell and Andrew Evans
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 Letters S - Z
Seaports and Development in Tropical Africa, edited by B. S. Hoyle and D. Hilling
Seaports and Development: The Experience of Kenya and Tanzania, by B. S. Hoyle
Seaports and People of Europe, by Addie Laidlaw Harding and Garnett Laidlaw Eskew
Seaports in International Law, by Marco Casagrande
Seaside Operations Planning in Container Terminals, by Frank Meisel
Seismic Design Guidelines for Port Structures, edited by International Navigation Association Brussels
Ships, Shipping and Fishing: With Some Account of our Seaports and their Industries, by George F. Bosworth
Soft Values of Seaports: A Strategy for the Restoration of Public Support for Seaports, by E. van Hooydonk
Strategies for Global and Regional Ports. The Case of Caribbean Container and Cruise Ports, by G. De Monie, F. Hendrickx, K. Joos, L. Couvreur and C. Peeters
Struggling for Leadership: Antwerp-Rotterdam Port Competition between 1870 –2000, edited by Reginald Loyen, Erik Buyst and Greta Devos
Sustainable Port Clusters and Economic Development. Building Competitiveness through Clustering of Spatially Dispersed Supply Chains, edited by E. Haezendonck and A. Verbeke
The Competitiveness of Global Port-Cities, by OECD
The EU Seaports Regulation, by Eric Van Hooydonk
The impact of EU environmental law on ports and waterways. Including a proposal for the creation of Portus 2010, a coherent EU Network of Strategic Port Development Areas, by Eric Van Hooydonk
The Institutional Position of Seaports: An International Comparison, by H. Stevens
The Sustainability of Oil Ports. An Holistic Framework for China, by Xuemuge Wang, Michael Roe and Shaofeng Liu
Towards a Better Port Industry: Port Development, Management and Policy, by Peter W. de Langen
Treaty Ports in Modern China Law, Land and Power, edited by Robert Bickers and Isabella Jackson
Urban Ports and Harbor Management. Responding to Change along U.S. Waterfronts, edited by Marc J. Hershman
Vehicle Scheduling in Port Automation. Advanced Algorithms for Minimum Cost Flow Problems, 2nd ed, by Hassan Rashidi and Edward Tsang
Waterfronts Revisited. European ports in a historic and global perspective, edited by Heleni Porfyriou and Marichela Sepe
Work and Wealth in a Modern Port: An Economic Survey of Southampton, by P. Ford
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