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Books on Maritime Security
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 Letters A - F
A Brief Guide to Maritime Strategy, by James H. Holmes
A Practitioner's Guide to Effective Maritime and Port Security, by Michael Edgerton
Capacity Building for Maritime Security. The Western Indian Ocean Experience, edited by Christian Bueger, Timothy Edmunds and Robert McCabe
Contemporary Maritime Piracy in Southeast Asia: History, Causes and Remedies, by Adam J. Young
Eurasia's Maritime Rise and Global Security. From the Indian Ocean to Pacific Asia and the Arctic, edited by Geoffrey F. Gresh
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 Letters G - L
Global Challenges in Maritime Security. An Introduction, edited by Lisa Otto
Japan's Maritime Security Strategy. The Japan Coast Guard and Maritime Outlaws, by L. Black
Lloyd's MIU Handbook of Maritime Security, edited by Rupert Herbert-Burns, Sam Bateman and Peter Lehr
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 Letters M - R
Marine Insurance. Law and Practice, 2nd ed, by Francis Rose
Maritime Counter-terrorism: A Pan-Asian Perspective, edited by Swati Parashar
Maritime Fraud and Piracy, 2nd ed, by Paul Todd
Maritime Piracy and Its Control: An Economic Analysis, by C. Hallwood and T. Miceli
Maritime Piracy and the Construction of Global Governance, edited by Michael J. Struett, Jon D. Carlson and Mark T. Nance
Maritime Safety, Security and Piracy, by Wayne Talley
Maritime Security and the Law of the Sea. Help or Hindrance?, edited by Sir Malcolm D. Evans and Sofia Galani
Maritime Security in East and Southeast Asia Political Challenges in Asian Waters, edited by Nicholas Tarling by Xin Chen
Maritime Security in the South China Sea: Regional Implications and International Cooperation, by Shicun Wu, edited by Keyuan Zou
Maritime Security Risks, Vulnerabilities and Cooperation. Uncertainty in the Indian Ocean, by Lee Cordner
Maritime Security. International Law and Policy Perspectives from Australia and New Zealand, edited by Natalie Klein, Joanna Mossop, and Donald R. Rothwell
Maritime Security. Protection of Marinas, Ports, Small Watercraft, Yachts, and Ships, by Daniel J. Benny
Maritime Security: An Introduction, 2nd ed, by Michael McNicholas
Maritime Security: An Introduction, by Michael McNicholas
Maritime Terrorism and International Law, edited by Natalino Ronzitti
Maritime Terrorism: Risk and Liability, by Michael D. Greenberg, Peter Chalk, and Henry H. Willis
Maritime Transport Security: Issues, Challenges and National Policies, edited by Khalid Bichou, Joseph S Szyliowicz and Luca Zamparini
Piracy and International Maritime Crimes in ASEAN, edited by Robert Beckman and J. Ashley Roach
Piracy and the Privatisation of Maritime Security. Vessel Protection Policies Compared, by Eugenio Cusumano and Stefano Ruzza
Piracy at Sea, edited by Jr. Mejia, Q. Maximo, Chie Kojima and Mark Sawyer
Policing, Port Security and Crime Control. An Ethnography of the Port Security Scape, by Yarin Eski
Port and Maritime Security, edited by Jonathon P. Vesky
Port Security Management, 2nd ed, by Kenneth Christopher
Prosecuting Maritime Piracy. Domestic Solutions to International Crimes, edited by Michael P. Scharf, Michael A. Newton and Milena Sterio
Protecting Our Ports. Domestic and International Politics of Containerized Freight Security, by Suzette R. Grillot and Rebecca J. Cruise
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 Letters S - Z
Serving the Rule of International Maritime Law. Essays in Honour of Professor David Joseph Attard, edited by Norman A. Martínez Gutiérrez
The Maritime Dimension of European Security Seapower and the European Union, by B. Germond
The Maritime Dimension of International Security. Terrorism, Piracy, and Challenges for the United States, by Peter Chalk
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 Websites of Interest
A Comprehensive Guide to Maritime Cybersecurity
Examining the Prospective Terror Threats Toward Global Seaports: A Socio-Historical Assessment of Prior Engagements and Application of Social Learning Theory-Series Part I: Historical Terrorist Events
Examining the Prospective Terror Threats Toward Global Seaports: A Socio-Historical Assessment of Prior Engagements and Application of Social Learning Theory: Series Part II: Maritime Safety & Security
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 Letters A - F
 Letters G - L
 Letters M - R
 Letters S - Z
 Websites of Interest
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