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Journals on Maritime Transport
The list that follows concerns journals that may carry maritime transport related articles.
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 Letters A - F
Asian Journal of Shipping and Logistics (from Volume 28 onwards)
Australian and New Zealand Maritime Law Journal 
Australian Journal of Maritime and Ocean Affairs 
Constanta Maritime University Annals
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 Letters G - L
International Journal of e-Navigation and Maritime Economy
International Journal of Maritime Crime & Security
International Journal of Maritime Engineering, The
International Journal of Maritime Technology
International Journal of Navigation and Port Research
International Journal of Shipping Transport Logistics
International Journal of Small Craft Technology, The
International Journal of Transportation Science and Technology
Johnson Matthey Technology Review
Journal for Maritime Research (Taylor & Francis)
Journal of ETA Maritime Science
Journal of Korea Port Economic Association
Journal of Marine Science and Engineering
Journal of Maritime Law and Commerce
Journal of Maritime Research (Spanish Society of Maritime Research)
Journal of Maritime Studies and National Integration
Journal of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering
Journal of Navigation and Port Research
Journal of Navigation, The
Journal of Ship Production and Design (formerly the Journal of Ship Production)
Journal of Ship Research
Journal of Shipping and Ocean Engineering
Journal of Shipping and Trade
KMI International Journal
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 Letters M - R
Maritime Business Review
Maritime Economics & Logistics (formerly the International Journal of Maritime Economics)
Maritime Policy and Management
Maritime Studies
Maritime Transport Research
Maritime Technology and Research
Polish Maritime Research
Pomorstvo: Scientific Journal of Maritime Research
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 Letters S - Z
Transactions on Maritime Science
TRANSNAV - International Journal of Marine Navigation and Safety of Sea Transportation
Turkish Journal of Maritime and Marine Sciences
WMU Journal of Maritime Affairs
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 Home > Contents > Resources HomePage > Reading Resources
 Letters A - F
 Letters G - L
 Letters M - R
 Letters S - Z
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