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28 - 29 January, 2021, Online Conference

From Portugal to the World

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Submission Procedures

The submission of Conference papers requires that Authors fulfil with the Conference submission stages. For each submission stage, there is a template. The exception is the PowerPoint presentation.The submission stage comprehends two distinct stages:
1) the submission of Session proposals which is optional.
2) the submission of full papers.
In what concerns the submission of full papers, and according to the conference procedures, authors are requested to submit an abstract prior to the full paper submission.
The Sections below contain all the information necessary for Authors to follow each of the stages mentioned-above.
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Conference Templates

Special Session Proposal Template Abstract Template Full Paper Template
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Submission of Session Proposal

Special Sessions are intended to be creative, non-traditional, interactive ways to engage industry practitioners and academia members in the frontiers of maritime affairs. They aim at enhancing the experience and knowledge of participants and making advancements in the body of literature. Length of the Session will depend upon the nature of the Special Session proposed.
Special Session proposals must be in the range of 600 to 800 words and include the following elements:
Organisers’ related Information, namely:
1) Organisers’ Names,
2) Organisers’ Affiliations including postal address and phone number including email addresses, and
3) Organisers’ Bionotes. Each Organiser must present a bionotes with a maximum length of 200 words.
Special Session Description, namely:
1) Special Session Title,
2) A description of special session topic(s)/subject(s),
3) The goal(s) of the Special Session,
4) The reasons why the proposed Session should be included in the programme,
5) The anticipated audience and the reason why this Special Session should be of interest to this audience, and
6) The list the projected papers and eventually the list of key speakers.
The initially submitted proposal for a special session will be reviewed in order to determine if it falls within the scope of the Conference. If the proposal passes, Session organisers are expected to cooperate in the promotion of the proposed Session. All Session Papers will be reviewed according to the Conference Review procedures.
Special Session organisers and presenters of full papers must register for and participate in the Conference. The WoSPortugal Special Session Proposal Template can be found here.
Session Proposals must be sent to Only electronic submissions of Session Proposals will be considered. If we do not provide any feedback within the 48 hours timeframe, please send us an email.
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Submission of Abstracts

Abstracts submission implies using the 2021 WofSPortugal Abstract Template, which can be found here. Abstracts maximum length amounts to 600 words. Authors must fill in the items considered in the Template. In case of doubt, email us at
The official language of the 2021 World of Shipping Portugal Conference is English; therefore, all submitted Abstracts/Papers will be written in English.
Abstracts, and consequently Full Papers, will only be accepted for review on the condition that:
1) They have not been copyrighted or previously published;
2) They are not being considered for publication; and
3) They are not in press elsewhere.
When submitting the Abstract, please indicate if it concerns a Paper to be considered for a Special Session.
  Submit your Abstract Here  
If we do not provide any feedback within the 48 hours timeframe, please send an email to
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Submission of Full Paper


Full Papers submission implies using the 2021 WofSPortugal Full Paper Template, which can be found here. Full Papers should be submitted according to the key dates/milestones, and they will be subject to blind peer review. Authors will be notified of the acceptance of their paper(s) in accordance with the timetable. Length of Full Papers totals 20 pages, including references.

  Submit your Full Paper Here  
If we do not provide any feedback within the 48 hours timeframe, please send an email to
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Submission of Final ('Reviewed') Full Papers

Full Refereed Papers must be submitted in accordance with 1) the comments provided by the blind peer reviewers and 2) the Authors Instructions adopted by this Conference.
In the case of a multiple author paper, do not forget to indicate the author for correspondence and the author presenting it.
All accepted papers will be published in the Conference Proceedings, provided that:
1) completed papers are received by the appropriate deadline;
2) completed papers conform to the “Paper Format” guidelines; and
3) Conference registration and payment of fees has been accomplished..
  Submit your Final ('Reviewed') Paper Here  
If we do not provide any feedback within the 48 hours timeframe, please send an email to
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Submission of PowerPoints

The deadline for the submission of PowerPoint presentations is 22 January, 2021. Please use Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 Format. Authors are free to use their own template. Regular oral presentations account for 25 minutes (20 minutes for the presentation and 5 minutes for Q&A) in length.
  Submit your PowerPoint Here  
If we do not provide any feedback within the 48 hours timeframe, please send an email to
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