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About Translation Services
We provide technical translation services, from English to Portuguese, within the scope of Maritime Economics and Logistics | Supply Chain Management. This follows the translation of the 3rd edition of the “Maritime Economics” book, written by Martin Stopford. The book was translated by Ana Cristina Paixão Casaca (owner of this site) in cooperation with Leo Tadeu Robles and published by Editora Blucher, from S. Paulo, in Brazil. To check the Portuguese version of the “Maritime Economics” book click here. Fields of translation include:
Logistics / Supply Chain Management
Multimodality / Intermodality
Maritime Economics
Maritime Transport
Nautical (Navigation and Seamanship)
Customers can send the documents in various formats, namely MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint and Portable Document Format; the translation work can be delivered in the same way. Documents to be translated must be sent by email. This will also be the means through which the translated work will be delivered.
Given the scope of the translation areas mentioned above, computer-assisted translation tools are avoided. We prefer to translate the document on a word / statement basis; we believe that this contributes to guarantee the quality of the translation work even though it may take more time.
To carry out the translation, we implement a methodological and systematic approach.
Firstly, we split the work into sections so that we can fulfil with the expected delivery schedule. While translating the work, we build a dedicated database to guarantee the consistency of the translation. We use our own database and our library of texts both in hard and electronic copies to perform the translation work, and perform research when, for instance, there is no direct translation.
Tables and Figures / Graphs will also be checked, as well as the corresponding captions / legends. Depending upon the nature of the work, we may decide to translate Figures / Graphs firstly; Tables will be translated along with the text.
Once the work is finished, we bring all the sections together and perform a rereading and a revison of the translated document. We review the work itself, and at the same time, we look for the consistency of the terminology used and possible spelling mistakes. We will keep the format of the original document, except when translating books.
To guarantee the success of the translation work, it is important to have a contact point in the customer’s organisation in case any issues arising from the translation work can be sorted out. We also guarantee the confidentiality of our customers documents to protect their interests.
The time to carry out a translation depends upon the complexity of the original text. As a rule, the average number of words translated per day amounts to 2000 words.
The price of the translation work is calculated in function of the number of words contained in the original document, which allows having an idea about the cost of each translation.
The price is 0.12 € per word + VAT and includes the translation of document and the proof-reading of the translated text. To ask for an binding quotation, and for further information please send an e-mail with the documents attached to Ana Casaca.
Payment can be made by Bank Transfer, Western Union or PayPAL.
A minimum deposit of 50% of the value of the translation will be requested before we start any translation work. The remaining should be paid before the delivery of the final project to the customer. The invoice will be sent by email once the payment has been received and confirmed.
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