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Other Presentations
2022 - Marketing Strategies in Shipping, Dokuz Eylül University, Turkey , Online, 20 April
2022 - The Importance of Short Sea Shipping in the Maritime Industry, Metropolitan College, Greece, Online, 11 February
2021 - The Suez Canal and the Grounding of the Ever Given. Lessons to be Learned, Metropolitan College, Greece, Online, 16 December
2021 - O Canal do Suez e o N/M Ever Given. Conferencia Nova Law School. Compra e Venda Internacional de Mercadorias. A Convenção de Viena no Contexto do Transporte Marítimo Internacional. Lisboa, Portugal, 29 - 30 Setembro 2021.
2021 - Maritime Policy and Competitiveness in the European Union. IV International Symposium on Port Management, LabPortos – Research Groups, Universidade Federal do Maranhão, Brasil, Online, 25 - 27 August.
2021 - Status Quo of the Maritime-Port Policy in Europe. Port Management and Operations Online Course, Universidade Federal Fluminense, Brazil, 10 April 2021.
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2013 - Marketing Shipping Activities. Seminario Internacional: Las Nuevas Relaciones Marítimas Internacionales. Instituto Universitario de Estudios Marítimos. Universidade da Coruña. 4 November 2013.
2012 - Shipping Policy in the European Union. Guest Speaker at the 2012 International Symposium: The Future of Shipping Industry, 12 July, Seoul, South Korea.
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2007 - Sea Road Transport. What is the future? 9th Cycle of Seminars of Transporte & Negócios - Widening the Horizons: Road Transport. 31 May, Oporto, Portugal.
2006 - Port requirements within motorways of the sea. 9th Logistics Conference of APLOG. Logistics in the value of chain - Where is yours?, 24-25 October, Lisbon, Portugal.
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2005 - In the quest for agility for short sea shipping. 8th Logistics Conference of APLOG, 15-16 November, Lisbon, Portugal.
2004 - Collaborative logistics in ports. 7th Logistics Conference of APLOG, 27-28 October, Lisbon, Portugal.
2003 - Short Sea Shipping - Logistics Strategies to Improve its Competitiveness. 6th Logistics Conference of APLOG, 5-6 November, Lisbon, Portugal.
2002 - Agile ports, ports of 4th generation. Cardiff University, 16 April, Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom.
2002 - Agile ports, ports of 4th generation. Cardiff University, 4 March, Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom.
2001 - The competitiveness of short sea shipping in multimodal logistics supply chains. A Management Section Seminar. Instituto Superior de Economia e Gestão, 4 December Lisbon, Portugal.
2001 - The Competitiveness of Short Sea Shipping (SSS) in Multimodal Logistics Supply Chains, Students Seminar. Cardiff University, 28 March, Wales, United Kingdom.
2001 - Agile ports, ports of 4th generation. Cardiff University, 27 March, Wales, United Kingdom.
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2000 - INSPIRE, a Case Study. INSPIRE Dissemination Workshop, 23 June, Lisbon, Portugal.

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